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Sister Amaka Patricia

Delta State, Nigeria

This is my first time of coming to Mgbidi crusade even to Chosen. Before this time I have been yoked with frequent urinating for the past forty-five years. In the night I do urinate up to eight times before day break. Pastor prayed and cancelled diabetes in the lives of people and said those in such condition would either urinate once or not at all. After prayer I did not urinate at all before day break. Not only that, I was always feeling pains to the extent that l could not stand for a long time but in this crusade, God has also healed the pains and I can now stand for donkey hours without any problem. I wish and pray that G.O will visit Agbor for a crusade like this. Praise the Lord! Sister Amaka Patricia

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Sister Salome Okorie


I thank God for making me a Chosen. I joined Chosen this year 2013. It happened that during my wedding, my husband’s sister came for the wedding, she used to attend a white garment church. We (my husband and I) laid hands on her and prayed and led her to Christ. We counselled her that if she gets back to her base, she should find a living church and begin to attend. We didn’t know she joined Chosen because as at this time, we had not joined Chosen. It happened that my husband took ill and on getting to the hospital, they said it was hypertension and they gave him some drugs which he is expected to be taking all the days of his life to manage the situation. Along the line, my sister-in-law heard about it and directed us to Chosen, she said that God of Chosen has been doing many wonderful things. Before this time, I didn’t know much about Chosen. This period coincided with the period of “From Sorrow to Joy” we came on Friday for the vigil, hoping to join the programme, the next day. Even because of the severe nature of my husband’s case, initially, he refused to come with me. But before this time, I was into trousers, painting and all that. In fact, I used to pity Chosen people that they did not know what they are doing, least did I know it was the other way round. And so, on coming here, God first granted me salvation. I’m grateful for that. At that vigil, it was prayer all through, I was surprised, it was in that vigil that my husband started getting himself and God perfected the healing at the preaching of our G.O. I used to wear trousers to evangelism in my former church but that preaching dazed me. And after that programme, I was totally changed. Now I don’t even remember trousers, painting, weave-on and all that. May the Lord be glorified for all these. I pray for our G.O and Chosen members heaven at last. Praise the Lord!

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Bro. Peter Oribhabor

Lagos - Nigeria.

He is thanking God for making him a Chosen. He came to the Lord's Chosen on May 2nd, 2009. He attended the Benin crusade of the Lord's Chosen this year, 2009, in Benin City Nigeria. He was having brain problem which lasted for 43 years but received his healing as the Pastor prayed during the crusade. Chosen Praise the Lord.

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