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Sis. Victoria Okoli

Orumba South of Anambra State. Nigeria.

God demonstrated His power in my life as He restored my sight and made me to begin to see again. Demonic blindness struck me five months ago. As this problem came, I found it difficult to see, later, it degenerated to total blindness. In my house, I no longer see the people entering into my house. I will use umbrella to cover myself. Every activity in my life almost ceased, there was no more opportunity of going to farm or market or even cooking. It was someone that brought me to this Mgbidi crusade. When we arrived at the crusade ground, l did not see anybody. However, I kept on calling on God of the Chosen to remember me. When the Pastor started praying during the second day crusade, he mentioned my case and something started going out of my eyes. When the object finally left my body and my eyes, my eyes opened and I started seeing people. God has touched my life and healed me of the five months blindness and I am grateful to him for the divine healing. Chosen praise the Lord!

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No 45 ubahu road in okigwe in imo state after or bfore ezinne press shop

Chosen praise the Lord. My name is bro. Peter, l joined this great movement on November 2012. And am thanking God for making it possible for me to be a Chosen because it is not easy for some one to be a Chosen and if some one tells me that l will be a Chosen today l will never believe that person. My testimony goes like this, l want to thank God for giving me a genuine salvation. Because that is the greatest thing that can happen in someones life. Because l was living a bad life before, l was in to fornication, masturbation, fighting my mother, lieing,watching phonography films or photos, Exam malpratice,stealing, anger, biterness, quarelling, homosexual, what lead me to this things is because of the school l went to, because l went to seminary school, but nevertheless l thank God for his saving grace and mercy upon my life. I say may his name be glorified in Jesus name we pray, i will not only stop at salvation, i wil still go for santification and holy ghost baptism. I wish my honorable G.O Heaven at last.

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Bro. Emmanuel Chimuanya

Abia State

I want to thank the Almighty God, the God of Chosen for rolling away three years affliction of madness away from my brother's life. God healed him of 3 years madness as I came to Chosen. It happened that I joined The Lord’s Chosen in July 2007, and I came from Abia State. Before I came to The Lord’s Chosen, I was living in sin but the very day I came to Chosen, I heard the message of the Pastor about salvation, I wept and then gave my life to God. I came to Chosen as a result of my brother’s sickness. Having given my life to Christ, I started to present my brother’s case to God. During the crusade entitled “ Hope For The Needy last year, I brought him and our Pastor declared that all those in chains be loosed and instantly my brother received his healing. Today, 3 years madness has been rolled away from my brother’s life and now he is normal. In that same programme, our Pastor declared favour for all the participants and to the glory of God, on December, 2nd 2010, I received a favour of N345,400 I thank God of Chosen for answering all my prayers. I wish our Pastor heaven at last. To God be the glory!

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