Sis. Blessing Onwudinjo

Egbeda - Lagos - Nigeria

She testified,'she joined the Lords Chosen on the 4th of February, 2007. God granted her genuine salvation after hearing the word of God from the pulpit of the Lords chosen by the pastor. Prayer was made by the pastor and God of chosen broke the yoke of 4 years barreness and a baby girl was granted. Chosen praise God.

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Sis. Nkechinyere David

Jos-Plateau State.

Chosen praise the Lord! I came from Jos. I joined the lord's chosen in May 2009.I want to testify to the glory of God how I lost my menstrual cycle since 2002. This issue lasted for 7 years, i have taken medications to no avail,I have tried many places seeking for solution but no solution till l came to the crusade tittled "GOD'S PERFECT TOUCH" here in Abuja. When the Pastor started praying yesterday in the crusade, he mentioned my case and l claimed it.When l got home that evening after the crusade, l realised l was soaked when l checked, behold it was my mensuration!.Infact l became confused, happy, to cut it short i do not know how to express my feelings.May all glory, honor, and adoration be ascribed to the Almighty God.

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Bro. Ambrose & Sis.Ifeoma Nwankwo

Nyanya, Abuja.

I got married in October 2007. Before my wedding I never knew there was a problem in my life. For 6 months no conception and l became worried. In search of solution l ran into a fake prophet who insisted l must bring 50,000 Naria for Olive oil for my deliverance. I rejected it. But before l knew it,he went and told my husband, I have no womb. Infact he went to my in-laws living at Onitsha and reported that their brother (my husband) is living with a man as a wife. My husband instructed me to go to hospital. At the hospital, the scan comfirmed l have no womb. In confusion, l left the hospital crying and wailing, in this state, I met a sister who is a chosen, she advised me to try the God of chosen for solution. I went home and told my husband all that happened and the option of going to the Lord's Chosen. We visited the Lord's chosen and the Pastor mentioned my case and prophesied "that somebody who woke up with sorrow should rejoice and wipe away her tears for God has intervened to turn the Sorrow into Joy. Immediately l claimed it. After 6 months l visited that same hospital and the result was that same story. But l refused because I believe that the word of God will not return to him void until it accomplishes that it is meant for and from testimonies l have been hearing, God of Chosen will never disappiont me. The following sunday, another word of knowledge came, then l decided to revisit the same hospital and asked for another test, the doctor replied, which test again?. I told him the result l took the last time was not mine, now l have come to collect my test. So he quickly started the Generator Set and conducted another test. Lo and behold, the doctor was amazed and exclaimed, "Congratulation Madam, your God is a true God" Infact my Joy knows no bound for l have found favour with God. Indeed, since l came to the Lord's chosen, it is like the kingdom of God has been established on earth for me. At the end of the nine months, l gave birth to twins bouncing baby boy and girl. Chosen praise the Lord.

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Sis. Margaret Ejeh

No. 5 Oduyemi Street, Egbeda Lagos. Nigeria

It happened when l was pregnant, l had complications, having regular sickness and fainting occasionally. When l visited the Scan, the result showed that the baby was developing outside the womb confirming Ectopic pregnancy. I went to hospital and the doctor told me that my womb will be cut off, l did not tell my husband because l had two miscarriages before this time. But at the 7th month it became more complex and when l fainted my husband rushed me to the hospital. There, they said that the baby is dead and am due for cesarean operation to bring out the still baby. In the course of all these,l later learnt that l gave up and was confirmed dead. They gave my husband a written note to take me to the mortuary at Ikeja General Hospital but on the way he said he remembered that God of Chosen answers prayers and decided to use the anointed handkerchief to rob on my face and called my name 3 times, l answered and opened my eyes. Though, my husband said l did not recognise him rather l said l was seeing florecent bulb but black in colour. As they wanted to carry out the operation, all the doctors searched for my vein, they could not find it even the nurses. l heard they all abandoned me and said l was dead. My husband said he went to one of the doctors called Wale, he pleaded with him to try again and when he tried he got my vein. But when they wanted to start the operation, l insisted my husband should take me to church for prayers. When we got to the church, after prayers the baby started kicking so we decided to go to Chosen hospital, there Dr. Ejike confirmed the baby was kicking but said they did not have equipment for cesarean operation. He refered us to Lagos Teaching Hospital (LUTH). At LUTH the operation was carried out successfully, my two fallopian tubes and my womb were cut off. The doctors were pitying my husband. After the operation, tears never left my eyes l kept on crying but one day l was reading Signs and Wonders book, on page 59 of the book, there was a woman whose two fallopian tubes were cut off but God gave her new ones, l believed and my husband kept on encouraging me. On Sorrow to Joy Crusade 2008, my husband encouraged me to go with him, l did not want to go because l was not fully recovered, just 4 months after the operation. But later l conscented and l went. When we came back, he said God has given us a bouncing baby boy that we should move by faith, I reminded him of what the doctor said that he should not touch me until after one year but he insisted. As God would have it, that same day, l took in. When we went to that same hospital they certified me dead, they tested me and confirmed me positive to pregnacy but the doctor told my husband that it was going to be by operation. On the day of delivery, they said my husband should sign, he told them that God of Chosen is in control that he has cancelled operation. My husband prayed and told me to enter delivery room and within 30 minutes l gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. There were no complications all through the period of my pregnancy. I am ever grateful to the Almighty God for the wonders he has done in my life and in the life of my family members. To God be the glory.

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Sis. Onyeka Nwankwo

4th Avenue 402 Road, D Close, Festac Town, Lagos State. Nigeria. Nigeria

l thank God for making me a Chosen. My testimony goes like this, ln my place of work, there have been series of retrenchments and lay-offs over a long time now. But God has used His Grace and Power to have my job retained. None of the lay-off exercises affected me even when my manager and some of my colleagues had ganged up against me and done the much they could to have me retrenched. Nothwithstanding the threats of untimely disengagement, l vowed not to do anything that would destroy my relationship with God. And God has continued to sustain and preserve me. ln another development, l joined Chosen in 2002 and got married 2007. Since then, l have not been able to conceive, largely because of my husband's prolonged absence from the country, marked with occasional visits. l have been faced with embarrassing questions and expected temptations, but God has been with me. At a time, my husband began to feel bothered, to the extent that he had to tell me "l no longer understand that your Chosen" When he came back, he insisted l must follow him to the catholic church ; l obeyed. One day, the Pastor appeared to me in a dream. He tapped me and asked me "what are you doing here? l replied, "l am not doing anything, l am in my house" He asked, "How can you be in your house, your blessing has been in Chosen waiting for you and you do not want to go there and collect it. "l asked, "Pastor which blessing?" He replied, "Why don't you just go to Chosen and collect your blessing?" That fateful Tuesday, l narrated the dream to my husband and l came to Chosen. Pastor was not in Town, so one of his assistants ministered in the service. One week later after listening to the ministration of the Pastor that preached, l began to notice some changes in my body. l told my husband that l must be at Chosen the following sunday. He obliged me. Pastor ministered. ln the night he appeared to me again in a dream and said, "This time, do not do anything ; watch and see". l woke up wondering what l was to watch. l pleaded with my husband to give me a break so that l would see what the second dream really mean. l had to go for pregnancy test which was confirmed positive. l have pitched my tent in Chosen and l thank God who has made me a favoured woman. Chosen praise Lord.

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Sis. Oluchukwu Eunice Chinasa

Port-Harcourt, River State. Nigeria.

I am grateful unto God for the demonstration of His power in my life as He broke the yoke of consecutive and regular miscarriages in my life and granted me a bouncing baby boy. I got married in March, 2008, unfortunately, between April and December that year, I had three miscarriages. Then in that December 2008 after the last miscarriage, I got the General Overseer of The Lord's Chosen on phone. In the telephone conversation, he asked me whether I had given my life to Christ, and removed all attachments, weavons and jewelries. I answered in the affirmative. When l finally told him my problem, he prayed and declared that he was breaking the yoke of miscarriage in my life. I claimed it. During the Mgbidi crusade in January 2009, he also mentioned my case. He said that if anyone has been experiencing miscarriages, he was breaking the yoke. I claimed it again and faithfully went home. That month of January 2009, I took in and eventually gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. When the labour started for the delivery of the baby, the doctors said that I would undergo cesarean operation. My husband went to the church and prayed. As soon as he stepped into the hospital, the baby came out without subjecting me to the cesarean operation. God also granted my husband a miracle car. God has visited us and we are grateful to him for the divine visitation in the family. To God be the glory!

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Bro. & Sis. Obi Abuchi Nwankwo

Aba Road, Umuahia, Abia State.

We came to The Lord's Chosen, 2005. God proved His power and love in my family as He broke the yoke of six years barrenness in my marriage. I married six years ago, but there was no issue. Our hope and expectation of having children started waxing cold as the years passed by. Then my wife and I started going from place to place in search of fruit of the womb. We went to native doctors, herbalists, churches and prayer houses but our problem could not be solved. Then we joined the Lord's Chosen in the year 2005 and now put our whole trust and had faith in God, attending every crusade anywhere it is organized that is within our reach. Each time the Pastor released children, I will claim and put into my stomach by faith. During the last Onitsha crusade held at Rojenny Tourist Village, Oba, my wife refused to sleep inside the car. She slept on the crusade ground both rain and sun fell on her. Then after that crusade, God visited us. Today, she is pregnant. Immediately we came back from that crusade, she fell sick and we went to the hospital. The test conducted showed that my wife was pregnant. I thank God for visiting my wife and I. To God be the glory!.

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Sis. Gloria Okwudili

No. 121 Akoka Street, Akoko-Yaba, Lagos. Nigeria.

l joined The Lord's Chosen in Feburary, 2007 following a revelation l had in a dream directing me to go to chosen and assuring me l would get what l wanted. Much as l did not doubt the voice, l was a bit skeptical because most of the chosen people l know appear too dedictaed. l wondered how l could join a ministry like that which is very demanding. l had not been to Chosen then. After a few days, l had another revelation in a dream. l saw a multitude of legs marching forcefully towards a particular direction. A voice spoke to me clearly, "Join them, join them" l shared these revelation with some sisters who urged me to join chosen without delay. l complied. By that action, God broke 10 years of barreness in my life. l am blessed with twin boys. After joining chosen, a voice spoke to me in a dream asking me if l know the mystery behind conception. l said no. The voice then advised me to hold my peace, adding that it is only God that knows the mystery of conception and that only Him can do it. When l woke up, l shared the dream with my husband and l told him it is God speaking to us. About the same time (June 2008) a voice spoke to me again in a dream. It asked me "Do you know you are pregnant?" The voice asked me to examine my lower abdomen and assured me that the seed was planted there already. When l woke up, l narrated the whole experience to my husband, lt became obvious that God has started His work in us. ln the same month, a voice spoke to me in a dream : "You will know l am God". l then saw myself walking across the road where l saw two elderly men relaxing in a chair. They asked me if l knew l was pregnant. l said l didn't know. They said, "You are pregnant". one of them then brought out a maternity gown, kano material and gave me to sow after he had reassured me l was pregnant. Surprisingly, a little girl emerged from nowhere and began to discourage me from believing the men. She said, "Don't believe them; you are not pregnant". A voice came to me to rebuke the girl. l quickly rebuked her. l was angry with her and l wanted to fight her. She ran away. When l woke up, l prayed to God, reminding Him that He directed me to Chosen and that He assured me l would get my heart desire if l obeyed. l continued to believe God and He did it. Before the end of last year(2008), l took in and the result are these twin boys Dominion and Divine. Praise the Lord!

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Sis. Dorris Sylvester

Epe 2, Lagos. Nigeria

l joined The Lord's Chosen in 2007. Before then l had only one child and for many years thereafter l had no more. But rather l had several miscarriages. l had visited many places and taken many kinds of medication which proved abortive. My mother invited me to The Lord's Chosen and l attended the crusade, "The Lord Has Sworn To Bless You". l sat under the palm trees outside the church auditorium. During prayers, the Pastor asked those looking for the fruit of the womb, to stretch forth their hands and receive the child(ren) of their choice. lmmediately, l claimed my baby. Today l am standing here with my baby girl. Again, after a year and four months God gave me another child. Chosen praise the Lord!

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Sis. Amaka Aniekwe

No. 1 Odanume Shogunle-Oshodi, Lagos. Nigeria.

l want to thank the God of Chosen for breaking the yoke of two years and five months barreness in my life. ln fact, l am still surprise the way it happened. l was reading a Chosen magazine in my living room on the first Tuesday of September. I was reading the testimony of a woman at Abuja crusade who said, she conceived and had a baby when she came to Chosen after the doctors had confirmed she had no womb. ln the course of reading the magazine l slept off and began to dream. In that dream I found myself in a Chosen programme where my Pastor ministered. I was busy jotting down the Pastor’s message. At a point, the Pastor paused and began to ask us to say the last quotations he read. A woman rose-up and answered. The Pastor asked me if the woman was right, I answered, yes. Immediately, the Pastor left the pulpit to join me in my seat. I said, “Wah-o! I have been trying to see the Pastor all these years. Today he is sitting beside me.” I then knew it was all over. In our discussion I asked the Pastor if they do see heaven. He said ‘Yes’. He added that they hardly recognise the faces they see in heaven. I told him again that I have been coming to Chosen and have been believing all the words that comes out of his mouth. I said, if you know that it is God that called you I want you to pray for me and I will take in this month. But before I said this, he had told me “woman, from today, you are blessed”. He called again in that dream and I reminded him that the day he called was different from the first day he spoke. He told me that heavenly language is different from our own. He then looked at my stomach and asked, “Woman, what have you done?” I said, “nothing”. He said a woman said I will never conceive in my life and that the woman used something to tie my womb. In addition, he revealed that the woman placed a curse on my life. After all these, he concluded by saying that God would interven. When I woke up from the dream, I was very happy because I knew the battle was over. We then travelled for Onitsha crusade. On return, we held the women programme, “Women Thou Hast Found Favour with God”. During the programme the Pastor declared, “There is a woman here, you are going to see your period in three days time; but after that, you will not see it again”. I claimed it. Three days later I saw my period on the 23rd day as against the 28th/29th day I usually see it. I believed God had started confirming the words of his messenger. The next month October, I went for a pregnancy test which proved negative I took the test home and a voice declared,”woman that is not yours “. Immediately I heard that voice, I tore the paper and threw it away. After two weeks, the sign continued in my body, that was the time the church was on 30 days fasting and I participated in the exercise. Some of my friends doubted if I was observing the fast, because my body was beginning to expand. I went for another pregnancy test, which proved positive. Brethren, this God is wonderful. He has proved to me that He called my Pastor. In the month of september, I took in according to the words of my Pastor. I made a vow which I promised to fulfill anyday I will stand here to testify on this matter. I am fulfilling that vow today. Praise the Lord!

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Sis. Tina & Bro. Dominic Egbara

Ohaugwu Local Govt. Ebonyi State.

l joined Chosen 2009. l thank God for making me a chosen. l got married in the year 1991, that is 18 years ago. l married with the expectation of getting children immediately l started living with my husband. Unfortunately, the children did not come as expected, when l waited for few years, l started questioning my fertility and my husband's potency of in pregnanting a woman. By this time brethren faces were no longer the same. The man changed from what he used to be, mouths started talking, we started running from pillar to post looking for solution to our problems which was not forthcoming. ln the course of searching for a child, there was no type of medicine l did not drink both orthodox and alternative medicine but none could give me the expected result. Then l resorted going to churches meeting pastors for prayers and counseling attending church crusades but nothing happened. Brethren, you should know that 18 years is neither 18 weeks nor months. l thank God Almighty that in the course of searching for children, we did not depart from the ways of the Lord. My faith in the Lord was strong because l know that one day God will answer me. ln 2001, l went for fibroid operation and by this time, l was still with my former church. After the fibroid Operation without seeing any sign, l joined The Lord's Chosen because l have heard and read the magazines from Chosen of what God is doing in the life of His people. On that fateful day that l came, our Pastor in the course of his ministration said "if your church cannot change you; change your church." That was what l did. lt happened again that they said l should go for another operation; l said No' now that l am a Chosen. The belief and trust l had was as a result of the various testimonies l have heard and seen in The Lord's Chosen. The one l went before was as a result of not knowing The Lord's Chosen. l refused to tell my husband because if l should tell him, he will force me to go for the operation and if l refuse, he will not be happy with me. So during the Mgbidi 2008/2009 crusade titled "God has Decided My Freedom", l was under the sun throughout the crusade praying to God asking Him to remember me. After the crusade, the first sign l recieve was the restoration of my menses. l went for a test and the fibroid was not there again. The next month, behold, l took in and you can see that the hand of God is upon me. for 18years, l was an object of laughter but today, God of Chosen has remembered me. God of Chosen has wiped away my tears and put laughter in my mouth. Have faith in God, in all problems one day it will be over. Now the land to build The Lord's Chosen fellowship center we have been looking for but could not get; because of what God of Chosen did in my life, my father who is his Royal Highness has given us a land for free to build The Lord's chosen fellowship center.Chosen praise the Lord.

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Sister Racheal Nnorom

Port-Harcourt Nigeria

God’s intervention came in my own case as he broke the yoke of eight years barrenness in my life and granted me a bouncing baby. God removed the shame of barrenness in my life. I came to Aba crusade held in 2005. In that crusade, the Pastor mentioned my case and l claimed it. I took in after the crusade and gave birth to a baby in 2006. in another development, God restored my monthly menstrual period that stopped. After giving birth to the baby, my menstruation stopped. All the efforts I made to make it start flowing again proved abortive. As I came to the Mgbidi crusade, the Pastor mentioned the case, he prayed and as I claimed it the ceased menstrual period started flowing again, God has intervened in my case and I am grateful unto him. Praise the Lord.

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Bro.& Sis. Jacinta Ugwuyai

Shangan, Plateau State Nigeria.

God broke yoke the of five years barrenness in my life. For five years we were expecting the blessings of God through the fruit of the womb but each month and year passed by without seeing what we were believing God for. At a stage when people started talking, we started going from place to place; hospitals for tests. But each series of tests prove there is nothing wrong with our reproductive systems. We went to alternative medicine homes, yet there was no good result. We later resorted to prayers believing God for miracle. At this point we started going from one church to church, meeting Pastors for prayers and counseling but in all these there was no good result. When we came to The lord’s Chosen crusade, God answered our prayer and granted us bouncing baby girl. The husband speaks: God has really shown favour in my family. During the time the barrenness lasted, there was no place we did not go in search of the fruit of the womb. Enemies said I was impotent. In spite of all these, my hope was strong in God. In the year 2008, we attended crusade at Mgbidi, In that crusade the Pastor mentioned the case. Both of us left the crusade ground hopeful that God has done it. Within two months after the crusade, my wife became pregnant and today, we have a bouncing baby girl to the glory of God of the chosen. I am grateful to God for his divine visitation upon my family.

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Sis. Austa Ifeanyi

No. 15 Aguruji Avenue,Port Harcourt, River State. Nigeria

I joined The Lord Chosen in 2006 after a dream l had where I saw the sign-board of The Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Church. The Lord instructed me in that revelation to go to The Lord’s Chosen, that is where I will find the solution to my long-lasting problem. I heeded to that voice. When I came and heard the salvation message, I repented of my worldliness, made away with my jewelries and other ungodly attires and surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. Infact, l thank God for the salvation of my soul. I thank God for directing my way appropriately and for salvaging my soul from sin. It happened that I was barren for nine years but before this time l had done everything in my power to help myself but all was to no avail before the love of God found me. As soon as I came according to the direction of the Lord and obeyed the Pastor’s instruction and did away with those worldly dressing, the Lord visited me and broke the yoke of 9 years barrenness in my life. He granted me fruit of the womb and safe delivery of a bouncing baby girl, making me a joyful mother. I am very grateful to The Almighty God for this great visitation even the reproach He took away from me. May His holy Name be praised forever. I pray for more anointing power and grace of God upon my Pastor.

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Sis. Funmilola Opalumo

Plot 2 Flat 6 Game Village Bode Thomas Surulere, Lagos State.

I thank God for fulfilling His word and His promises upon my life and in my family as He broke the yoke of barrenness in my life and caused me to become pregnant after three and half years of marriage. I have searched for fruit of the womb and I have been to different places but no good result. I joined the Lord’s Chosen in 2006 and since then I have been waiting on God for the fruit of the womb. Since I started Chosen, I have not gone back as our Pastor says, "Continuity Brings Freedom", it happened that in 2008 crusade titled "Hope for the Barren", I was in attendance. During the ministration, the Pastor released 10 million children and asked each and every one of us to collect a child of his or her choice and I carried my baby by faith. To the glory of God, that year did not pass me by and today, you can see my hand that is the product of that program. That was the yoke of 31/2 years barrenness broken in my marriage. I thank this God who has seen me through and made me a mother and wiped away my tears and sorrow from my eyes and face. I wish our Pastor heaven at last in Jesus name. To God is the glory.

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Sister Joy Bala

Epe branch.

It happened that I was born and brought up in a particular Pentecostal ministry. But all the while I worshipped in the ministry, I was not born again. I came to Lagos, met my husband who happens to be a Muslim. We got married and started living together. On the service days, I would go to church while my husband worships in a mosque. One day, in the year 2005, I went to church with my son and my Pastor then told me that my husband would be a great Christian. I told him to forget about my husband becoming a Christian because I knew how committed he was to Islamic religion. In the year 2006, a Pastor who worships with The Lord’s Chosen visited our house. Both my husband and I were not in the house but he dropped a handbill inviting my husband to attend Thursday counselling and deliverance service at The Lord’s Chosen. When I came back, I picked the handbill and dropped it on the floor saying I will not attend service in any ministry other than Assemblies of God Church. My husband returned from work. As he entered the sitting room, he saw the handbill on the floor and picked it. He read it and dropped it on the floor. Few days later, the Pastor came to the house by himself and invited him verbally to The Lord’s Chosen service on Thursday. He did not accept the invitation. However after some days, he told me that his spirit is telling him to attend that service in The Lord’s Chosen. One day, he told me he had no money, that day was festival day for the Moslems. He said he had no money to attend the festival. I told him that I had nothing but if he wants to attend service in the church, I will give him the last money I had. He accepted the offer, took the money from me and attended service at The Lord’s Chosen. As he came back, he told me that the difference is clear. He came back with an anointed handkerchief. He soaked it in the water and gave me to drink but I bluntly refused. I told him that those people are looking for someone to use for ritual. However, he made sure that the water touched me. I told my Pastor about my husband’s invitation, he said I should follow him that if the ministry is not genuine, that I will know. The day I attended the service at The Lord’s Chosen, anointing carried me immediately I entered the premises. From the first day, in The Lord’s Chosen, I became genuinely born again. It is in The Lord’s Chosen that I came to the realisation that somebody can be happy simply because he or she is born again because the person begins to see the dividend of being born again; there will be joy in the person’s life. In another development, God granted me a bouncing baby after 4 years delay in conception. It was in The Lord’s Chosen that I asked for the baby and God granted it according to my heart desire. The baby was declared the first baby of the year; Governor Fashola of Lagos State visited the baby in the hospital and gave the baby a big package. Similarly God granted my husband and I a house of our own. We are now landlord and landlady in Lagos. I am grateful to the Almighty God for special blessings upon my life and that of my family. Praise the Lord.

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Sister Juliet Anyanwu

Aba, Abia State, Nigeria

I want to thank the Almighty God for the privilege to be a Chosen and for the joy and peace He has given me. I came to The Lord's Chosen in tears and the Lord wiped them away. Today, Joy has become my lot. Praise the Lord. I had my last baby in the year 2003; thereafter, each time I conceived, I would experience miscarriage. In all, I had a total of five miscarriages. I was at a loss at this time and did not know what to do or where to go for help, until sometime in the year 2009 when someone directed me to this solution ground. She had said to me, "Go there, you will find respite." True to her words, I have found relief today. When I came and continued in fellowship, a word of knoweldge came concerning my situation and the man of God said, "You are there, you are looking for a child and you have had several miscarriages, this year 2009 will not pass you by." And the Lord confirmed the words of His servant in my life. The year 2009 did not pass me by. I am expecting my baby today, to the glory of God. I bless the name of the Most High God for His goodness upon my life, and to my Pastor, I pray and wish him heaven at last, in Jesus name. Praise the Lord!

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Sister Florence Ejimkonye

Lagos, Nigeria

I want to thank God for delivering me from spirit husband, which tormented me for more than 20 years. I also want to thank God for breaking the yoke of childlessness in my life. While I was waiting on God for a child, a Christian sister wanted to deceive me by encouraging me to visit certain places that would have turned out a great disappointment because the place she asked me to go had connections with the marine spirits. In fact, when I mentioned it to my husband, he was angry with me. He berated me for not believing the teachings of our Pastor after I have heard numerous testimonies in The Lord’s Chosen. He said I would be a disgrace to the church if I go to such a place. I resigned my fate to God. During the programme Pastor had with the women, "Woman thou has found favour with God" we were asked to sow a seed for any particular miracle we expected from God. I did not have money to sow as seed. Instead, I told God I would fast for the whole day – I would neither eat nor drink; and that would serve as my own seed. That day, the Pastor declared a release of many children. I claimed mine. Here is my own baby. The birth of this baby has brought great favour to us. Favour here and there; open doors from diverse places. I really thank God for honoring the words of my Pastor. Praise God.

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Sister. Louisa Osuji


Brethren, I want to thank God for breaking the yoke of 20 years barreness in the life of my brother's wife. God has really wiped away tears from our eyes, especially my brother and his wife. My brother's wife has been barren for the past twenty years. I am giving this testimony on their behalf. Let me first thank God for making me a Chosen. On thursday, after our daddy has rounded off his prayer, on my way going back home, my phone rang and it was my brother's wife who has been barren for twenty years but the good news is that God of Chosen has broken the twenty years barreness and given her twin babies( a boy and a girl). I thank this God of our Pastor, the God that honours the words of his messenger. May His name be glorified in Jesus name. Sisters, are you here and you are in this condition? The God that visited my brother's wife will visit you and take away the reproach. I pray for my Pastor and all the Chosen members, heaven at last in Jesus name. Praise the Lord!

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Bro. Ernest/ Sis. Nkiruka


I want to thank God for breaking the yoke of delay in conception in my family. I joined Chosen in the year, 2009 January. Before then, I was believing God for the fruit of the womb because after our marriage, there was no issue to bless the marriage. One year passed, we entered the second year but in December 2009, at the programme tittled “When God blesses you, no man can curse” , our Pastor mentioned our case and said "There is a lady, you have delay in conception, I am giving you next month, your period is going to cease and you will glorify the Lord.” We claimed that word of knowledge, true to the word of our Pastor. Exactly one month after, her period ceased and she became pregnant and God of Chosen secured her, protected that pregnancy, no problem till maturity and my wife was delivered of a set of twins. May the name of our God be glorified. I don’t know what your problem or expectations are from God, please am appealing to you, hold on to your faith and every word that comes out of the mouth of our Pastor. Hold it firm and apply it to your life, it is going to work out for you. That was our portion and today God of Chosen has seen us through. Praise the Lord.

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Edna Ukpabi


We started chosen on 24th Dec. 2002. That was the birth of this great ministry. And since then we have continued because continuity brings freedom. My time of visitation started on the crusade entitled ‘From Sorrow to Joy’ 2011. Pastor was mentioning years of barrenness he started with 40 years, then I was twenty-five years old in barrenness. I was shading tears and I said God remember me today; never have you passed me by. Then immediately he mentioned twenty-five years old in barrenness. I shouted and said God you cannot pass me by today. Then I felt a sensation. And after two months I took in for this baby, my first child in life. Through out the pregnancy, I was very healthy, nothing happened to me. I was doing my normal job. Even the day I was delivered of this baby it was still in the crusade of from Sorrow to Joy – 4th Feb. 2012. And that is where the baby derived her name from- Joy Amarachi U.

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Charity Romanus

River State, Nigeria

The Lord God of Chosen broke the yoke of 15 years barraness and also gave us a building of our own. Chosen praise the Lord.

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Sis. Chika Ajah

Ebonyi State.

I joined the Chosen in October, 2011. The God of Chosen has performed wonders in my life. Before I joined the Chosen, I had miscarriages for 7 consecutive times. I was almost losing hope of ever having a baby of my own. I got married in 2009 and since then, I had been bedeviled with woes and sorrows. But as soon as I became a Chosen, I made it to Mgbidi crusade of last year. The God of Chosen visited me just immediately after that crusade I became pregnant. I held him so tight and by his grace, today I have put to bed successfully. Here is my baby. Praise the Lord!

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Bro. & Sis. Lawrence Obasi


We are here to testify to how this God of Chosen destroyed the yoke of delay in conception in our family. I got married in 2009, since then we have tried everything humanly possible to have a baby, but all have been to no avail. Until we located the Chosen church (the solution ground). God has broken the yoke of 3 years delay in conception and all the miscarriage he had. I give God the glory. Doctors had before now diagnosised that she had pelvic inflammation, but I told my wife that the doctor was lying. I know the God I serve. Today God has proved that He has the Ultimate Power.

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Sis. Gift Thomas.

Benue State, Nigeria

I joined this church in 2011. Before I joined the Chosen, I passed through lots of affliction. I had many miscarriages in fact up to 6 times. When I got to Mgbidi 2012 crusade, I poured my heart to God. I cried to this God of the Chosen. Brethren, He answered me according to His promise. After that crusade, I conceived and by His grace here is my baby. Do you know that before this deliverance doctors had already told me that I was not having a child in the womb that it was fibroid. But this God disgraced the doctors report. Here is my baby. I hereby give this baby back to the God of Chosen by dropping him here. I dedicate him to the God of Chosen in the order of Hannah and Samuel. Praise the Lord! Sis. Gift Thomas

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Sis. Nnenna Epemerechi

Abia State. Nigeria.

I joined Chosen in 2010. My husband and I was at Enugu crusade in 2011 and in the course of G.O’s ministration, he mentioned my case and that was how the yoke of 11yrs barrenness was shattered in my life. As soon as we got back home after the crusade, I became pregnant. I can’t narrate all my ordeal during these years of wilderness experience. I pray for our G.O and all Chosen members all over the world that we shall make heaven at last in Jesus name.

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Ellen Maboua Msiza

No 10173 Chromville flats Mhluzi Middelburg SA

I thank the God of the chosen who blessed me with fruit of the womb since 2008 l have been married asking prayers for fruit of the womb, I am now nine weeks pregnant thank you Jesus.

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Sister Efe Solomon


My baby’s name is Miracle Solomon. I joined Chosen in 2010. I thank God for making l and my family Chosen. I thank God for breaking the yoke of fifteen years delay conception in my life. During the crusade of 2011, I was there and as G.O was praying, he release children and I claimed my own. He added that “if you have not see your menses, you will not see it again”. The following month, I missed my period and when I went for test, it was positive to pregnancy. When it was six months of the pregnancy the enemy said no and attacked me with HBP. So one day the took me to the hospital and when the consultant came, he said “Madam, you can not carry on with this pregnancy, we have to terminate it to save your life. Initially I said no. After two days they came again and said “Madam you can not carry on with this pregnancy because you will die because your B.P is too high. When my husband came, at last we agreed to their request and they terminated the pregnancy. They said I have to wait for some days before the baby would come out. I said ok. And so a day to that day, my Pastor called me and prayed thus “Madam, I cancel that B.P in Jesus name.” I said amen. He continued and said “Madam you will deliver and carry your baby” I said ah, this Pastor does not know what he is saying, I asked which baby? The one they have terminated, we are just expecting a dead baby. So after the prayer, few hours interval, labour started and they rushed me to the theatre, all of us were waiting for the dead baby even the doctors and nurses because the pregnancy was 6 months and some weeks but when they did their own test, they said the pregnancy was four months, so we were all expecting a dead baby, I was surprised when the baby came out she started crying. Brethren, that is the baby standing with me here now. Even the B.p God has rolled it away. Chosen praise the Lord. I pray for our G.O heaven at last and to all the Pastors and Chosen worldwide, heaven at last. Praise the Lord!

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Sister James Getrude

Bariga,Lagos Nigeria

My baby’s name is Master Divine. We joined Chosen in 2003. We thank God for making us Chosen. We have come to return the glory to whom glory is due, the God of the Chosen, the wonder working God, the excellency of Jacob. The glory of the Chosen. The hope for the needy. The iron breaker, the mightier than all, father receive all the glory, honour and adoration in Jesus name. Brethren, I thank God for removing from me the reproach of delay in conception for over four years. Irrespective of the challenges and persecution, God granted me a baby boy according to my heart desire. May the name of Lord Jesus Christ be praised. For the G.O as the ocean can never dry, his anointing will never dry in Jesus name. All his enemies will be vanquished in Jesus name. Heaven at last for all the Chosen worldwide in Jesus name. Praise the Lord!

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