Sis. Aladi Abudu

Alapere, Ketu.

I joined Chosen in 2006. I am here to glorify the name of God for how He raised my mother in –law from dead. On the 3rd of January, this year, we received a call that my husband’s mother was dead. This call came from my husband’s brother that resides in Abuja. On hearing this sad news, we began to cry. Later I told my husband to call home and know what was happening there. When he called home, he was told that the mother had died. That she died around 5:00 p.m. and as at the time he called home, it was about 10:00p.m. On hearing this, I told my husband that we should pray and call God of Chosen who has been doing wonders here. So we began to pray, the Spirit of God ministered to me to call the woman’s name. I called her name three times and told God of Chosen to locate her spirit wherever she is and let her resurrect. As we were praying, the phone began to ring again, we didn’t pick the phone until we concluded our prayer and said. Amen. When we eventually picked the phone, it was my husband’s brother at the other end asking what he should do whether to go and deposit the corpse in the mortuary or bury her the following day. My husband said he would like him to deposit the corpse in the mortuary to enable them run around and plan the burial at once. He instructed the brother at the other end to look for ambulance and take the corpse to the mortuary. When the ambulance eventually came, they went to where the corpse was, removed the cloth use in covering her and discovered that the body was hot and she was sweating and she was shaking, people were surprised and said what kind of miracle is this? They now suspended the action of taking her to the mortuary and decided to watch her till the following day. The next day, as she was examined, she was breathing normal. So people began to thank God for the miracle. Though the woman could not talk for three days. On the forth day, she began to talk and asked her daughter what was going on, the daughter narrated to her, what happened to her and how God resurrected her. Our God is wonderful indeed, I thank Him for His divine protection and guidance upon my family and throughout last year. I wish our Pastor, heaven at last in Jesus name. Amen. Praise the Lord!

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Sister Chidube Japheth.

Orile Str., Ejigbo. Lagos,Nigeria.

I joined Chosen in 2010. I want to use this opportunity to thank God for what He did for me since March, last year. It happened that, that last year, I went to be delivered of my baby and in that process, I gave up the ghost. The baby was given birth to on a fateful Monday, that was all, before I could know again what was happening in this world was on Thursday of that same week. I appreciate God of Chosen for frustrating the plans of the enemy. May the name of the Lord be highly exalted. Moreover, I pray for our G.O that the God that called him will never let him down in Jesus name and his family, divine protection. And may God grant heaven at last to all the Chosen worldwide.

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