Bro. Ifeanyichukwu Umuagha

No. 68 Nike Road, Abakpa Enugu State.

I was a member of five different occult kingdoms, in which l killed 3,550 people both in Ghana and Nigeria. The mother of Akwara gave me all the power in the kingdom before her death.In the course of my operation l communicated with the dead on phones. Causing accident is a small thing to me. I turn into different animals like Lion, Snake, Python while carrying out my operations. I travel to India through astral travel. I was the Power holder of Akwara Kingdom. After my initiation, l travelled to Ghana.While l was in Ghana, operating in that kingdom l killed 1880 people, initiated 31 people into the kingdom and made 5 people mad.At a time,there in Ghana l started filling restless, no peace l wanted to come out from that Kingdom. I started going from one Church to another in search of deliverance but none was able to deliver me.But one night in my dream, l saw myself on a busy road and an old woman came to me. She asked me which church do l attend. I answered her, none. Then she told me to go to The Lord's Chosen.I woke up and did not accept that offer because l did not believe that any church can deliver me.But she came three times repeating the same message in different dreams. One day l decided to attend The Lord's Chosen Ministries in Ghana.As my deliverance started in The Lord's Chosen, one day l was coming back from a vigil,in that kingdom like l said,l can turn to dog, cat, mosquito or anything l want to turn depending on the attack l want to lunch out. On my way that morning, l saw a dog and a voice said 'go on'; twice.As l by passed the dog,it turned to be a human being and she touched me with one hand and l fell down.Immediatly another woman appeared and said declare that l am a Chosen. As l declared it, thunder struck the dog and killed it, blood started gushing out from her. I thought it was a dream.Later that same day,l went back to that route and saw that the dead dog was still there.They kept on sending their agents to kill me because am now in proper deliverance in The Lord's Chosen.In that Kingdom, some times they will go into the market and cause people to fight and injure themselves,while they will enter into the shops of those selling attachments and replace them with the ones they produced in their kingdom.As people buy it and wear, they will die.Infact,320 died through it. When they realised that it was becoming known by people, what was going on. They resorted to earings and necklesses. As people wear them, they cannot hear the gospel.As they are preached to, those jeweries has blocked their ears.As soon as they started wearing those jeweries their dreams will change and they will be visiting the kingdom from time to time even in their dreams without them understanding. Infact many things happened in that kingdom. But l thank The God of Chosen for delivering me from this wicked kingdom. Now am free.Praise the Lord. I wish my Pastor heaven at last.

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Bro. Ekene Muonaeme

No. 25 Mgbachu Street Nkpor Anambra State.

My name is Ekene Muonaeme. I want to thank God for granting me Geninue salvation. My testimony goes this way. When l was in school, l indulged in school cultism. Before l knew it, l was involved in robbery. I became an armed robber, a rapist. I was addicted to smoking, cocoine and drugs. I was into kidnapping and assassinations, all these happened in the space of 3 years until l joined the Lord's Chosen this year 2009. And God of Chosen delievered me. The first day l attended the service, l heard the undiluted life changing word of God. And I started repenting. After the Pastor's preaching, he prayed for sinners and coommanded the root of sin out of our lifes. Brethren that was how till today l have been delivered. Since then l hate smoking even the odour, and those evil things l was involved with. Chosen Praise the Lord. I thank God for my deliverance.

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Brother Richard Okah

No. 3 School Road Rumuokwurisi,Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

I had a very wicked boss, who belongs to one of the evil societies around. This man made life unbearable for everyone under him in that office including my very self. He worked against everyone's progress and stopped our promotions from one level to another and denied us all our entitlements. While he remained the head, no staff did well in that office. It was so bad that every morning you wake up and remember that you were going to that office; your heart will fail you. Once he told me that he had three eyes, the third being the one that sees beyond the physical. He was a jugular in our necks. We used to write our names each morning on a blackboard that was provided for the same purpose, and against each name, this evil man would write whatever he wished. For instance he could write "No progress", "You will die within a specified date" and so on. I suffered these attacks from him then because I was not a Chosen. When I joined The Lord’s Chosen, however the tide changed. It took a turn against him and he reaped all his evil seeds. When I came and saw the Power of God, I sued him to the Court of Heaven, before the righteous Judge. I was in Lagos for July 2009 programme tagged, "TIME FOR GOD TO PROVE HIS POWER" and the case was mentioned and a command released from the pulpit concerning it. Before I returned to my station, the man had been sent packing. The man, who made things difficult for everyone and Helds way while he remained the boss in that oil and gas company, was sacked to the surprise of other colleagues of mine. That was when and how we breathed a sigh relief. Today, to God Almighty be the glory, I have received my promotion and all that were due to me. The God of Chosen is so great. He has indeed proved His Power in my life in a once ugly and helpless situation. Words are indeed insufficient for me to appreciate all that this dependable God has done for me. May His Holy name be forever magnified, in Jesus name. To my Pastor, my prayer is that this God who called him will never leave him alone. His presence will continue to be with him, in Jesus name.

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Sister Eve

Awodiora Estate, Lagos Nigeria

I am thanking the Almighty God for deliverance upon my life. I was initiated into the marine kingdom by my mother with the purpose to destroy my family. One of my aunt’s was the first person to start attending The Lord’s Chosen in our family and before we knew what was happening, she came to live in our house. I was angry because her presence in the house would not allow me to operate. I went and reported the matter to our kingdom, they said they will give me power or even to kill her. Immediately, we began to afflict her. There was a time we projected sickness into her, thinking she would die in that sickness but God of Chosen healed her. We did not stop there, we continued to cause havoc in her life to see if she would stop to send fire into our kingdom but all to no avail, God of Chosen continued to give her strength. As we tried and tried, yet we could not get her, we concluded to go through her daughter, that if we kill the daughter, maybe she would drop her Bible. The daughter was pregnant, at her delivery time, we killed her while we left the baby alive. That feat did not stop her, rather she became stronger in the Lord. We in our kingdom did not lose hope. We continued to afflict her, one day, we sent dog to bite her but when the dog got to where she was, it saw fire on the woman’s face and could not get nearer her, the dog ran back. One of my uncle’s suggested she should be bringing me to Chosen, she began to bring me to Chosen but when ever they are praying, there is a way I used to pin my legs so that fire would not touch me neither would I fall under anointing or even join them in prayers. If eventually I join them in prayers, I would not send Holy Ghost fire into the Kingdom so that it would not disturb them. Even when I was taken for deliverance, I still pinned my legs so that all they did that time was useless, I stopped one of my uncles from getting a contract that would have fetched him a lot of money. Even the ones in abroad, I stopped them from sending money to us in Nigeria here. One of my sisters that was attending school here in Nigeria. I stopped my brothers in America from sending money into her account for school fees. Now that my sister has stopped school because there was no money to pay for her school fees. Even when she used to attend school, we used to project sickness into her. This made her to be sick always. My aunt though she did not know I was in this kingdom then, would always tell me to repent, if not I would go to hell fire. In that kingdom, they said I should stop our general Pastor, our branch Pastor and even my house members from sending holy ghost fire or earthquake into the kingdom. They also said I should stop my house people from going to Chosen. I told them that I don’t have such power, they promised to give me more power, however when they gave me the power, we tried it but it did not work. That my aunt, there is a particular sponge she uses to bath, I took that sponge to the kingdom. There is a particular powder we have there, if this powder is spread on that sponge and my aunt uses it to bath, my aunt’s body would scratch her. However, as we tried it, it did not work. We also used my aunt’s wrapper against her but that one also failed. At other times, they would seize her voice so that she would not be able to pray but all these efforts failed. They concluded to leave me and my family, according to them, the fire from my general Pastor here and the fire from the entire church even the ones from my family members especially my aunt was really causing havoc in the kingdom. There were two of my brothers we wanted to kill in our kingdom but anytime we invoked them in our mirror, their images would not appear but fire will be everywhere. I buried the progress of the family in the ground but my aunt in the dream dug it out and released the progress of the family. After much trials to that my aunt and we could not succeed, I had to surrender. I called her ( my aunt) one day and told her I want to confess all I have been committing, at the end of it all, she prayed for me and brought me for deliverance. God of Chosen has delivered me and my family. I thank God for that, I pray that the anointing of God upon our Pastor will never run dry in Jesus name. Praise the Lord.

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Sister Akunna Ihemkwoaba

Owoyeni,Ajegunle, Apapa-Lagos.

I came to thank God for my genuine salvation. Moreover, I want to thank God for delivering me from four demonic kingdoms. The whole story started on December 25th 2001, when we traveled to the village to see my grandmother. In the house everybody was eating and playing, my grandmother called me separately and took me to her room into a private chamber and gave me water to drink from a pot. After drinking this water, I could no longer sleep. She told my dad that I will sleep that night in her room. When it was night she woke me and took me out and when we got there, it was like a big occasion was talking place. The queen was sitting , a man dressed in yellow was also sitting and a white chair was by the side, the queen said I should sit on that white seat, that they destined from childhood that I am a great child, I should sit there. So after sitting there, they made the queen the only overseer of four wicked kingdoms namely: Akakarike kingdom, Blackberry kingdom, Aircraft and Marine Kingdoms. So that very night, I went out for operation, they said I should use my wisdom and consult myself. Then I was 9 years old, I started sending people on errands and messages. My Mum now brought me to Chosen here at the age of 15, so that they will conduct deliverance on me. When I came to Chosen, the Pastor that was supposed to conduct the deliverance was not around. So we went back home, I became angry and made my Mummy stop coming to Chosen. I manipulated her to think that there is no power in Chosen, that Chosen is just an ordinary church. That made her hate Chosen with passion. But when I tried the same with my Dad, it did not work. My Dad knows that there is power in Chosen and so he has continued to come. When we saw, we could not persuade him, we wanted to make him blind, so that he would stop coming to Chosen. We tried to do that. As we were trying to consult, we realize there is a curse my grandmother laid on him, that he would never live to see good things ( his own mother, the woman that initiated me). Through that curse, we started to penetrate in him to make him blind. When the blindness could not work out, we decided to use cob-webs to cover his eyes, but he kept coming to Chosen. I became angry and started coming to Chosen with him. During our vigil we started operation. We tried and tried but the fire was too much. We had to go outside and sleep throughout the vigil. So during the programme, “Time For God to Prove His Power”, we came also for operation but fire was everywhere. My group left me and ran away. I started crying and said, “ so they want this Pastor to hold me here?” I said, no, it cannot happen, I wanted to go but an usher woman did not let me go out. I was there when Pastor came out and began to pray. I began to cry and the Usher asked me why I was crying. I did not tell her. When pastor began to pray, my eyes, body etc was not comfortable. That was the day I my deliverance. However, my deliverance that day was not complete because I had scale in my eyes that I used in seeing things beyond human beings. You might see me as a human being but then I was not a human being. I will be walking on the air but you will think I am walking on the floor. During this programme that just passed, we tried all possible means to operate because I still had that scale in my eyes, I can still give instructions to my eyes and it will begin to work for me. I tried my eyes but it could not work. That was the day I had my total freedom. Today, I thank God I am free. My prayer to God is that I am going to release those that are held captive. What I am praying for God to do is to destroy their kingdoms. Those blood they sucked and all the wicked manipulation, God should destroy them in Jesus name. Now I speak basically to the youths and those that are still putting on ear- rings. My advise to you all, I beg and plead with you in the name of Jesus, that those things you are putting on, they belong to the Marine, most especially this head-tie that came out of recent. It is called python goddess head-tie. The head-tie and singlets, the silver shining chains, the curtex, the bangle, Iron black bangle, the chain, the ring etc. There is one handkerchief that I used to wipe myself whenever I do anything that is evil so that people will not know I was the one that did it. There is also special pan-cake that people use which is also from the water, I work with monitoring mirror which I used to see or monitor what is happening, Can-hold, the last but not the least, people call it eye medicine but it is not. Know the kind of pictures you watch, some of those things they use in the studio are theirs. I want to say something to the youths, they think that fashion is the best, I tell you, natural beauty, what God gave you, what you came to the world with is the best. Please I still beg you to be careful with what you buy. And for my Pastor , I wish you heaven at last and all members of the Chosen. Praise the Lord!

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Brother Ikechukwu Christian Enerem

Umuahia Abia State.

Am thanking God for breaking the yoke of Water Spirit upon my life. I am testifying of the doings of the Lord God of Chosen did in my life. It all started like this, I was born into water spirit Kingdom ( Iyi-uwa kingdom). This Kingdom, after the establishment from a man from my maternal home, any child born from their daughter, that happens to be from that place, that old man will come to establish the kingdom. This man told me that if I fail to worship this Kingdom, that I will not be rich but if I serve the Kingdom, I will be rich. If I fail to serve it, all the money am making will just be going like that. This Kingdom actually did it because I failed to serve it, when I was small, my father used to serve that Kingdom on my behalf. He will take goat to do the necessary things then call me to kill the goat. As at the time I noticed that is what he is doing, I stopped going to kill the goat whenever he called me for that. He went to my mother and asked her to plead with me to kill the goat but I said no that I thought that I am being sent on an errand but I did not know that, the act is meant to service an Iyi-uwa Kingdom for me. I vehemently refused to kill it. At a point I went to the city to start my business. The business I am into is lucrative and yielding money but this spirit takes the money. At a point customers multiplied because I deal on supply. I went and borrowed one million, five hundred thousand naira loan with one hundred thousand naira service charge every month. After two years I paid about N2....million naira. After this period, the person that raised the N1.5m for me came,I looked round and did not find goods worth N1.5m. By then, I have entered Chosen, and I came to the first crusade here entitled "Time For God to Prove His Power" God went ahead to really prove his power. The book of signs and wonders in my shop. So immediately a voice came to me because when that man asked me to pay him back the N1.5million, I told God of Chosen it is time for you to prove your power. Then the spirit told me to look for a packing shop. Remove all the counters in your shop and make them double,double counters. I called a carpenter and he removed all the counters in my shop and made them double, double counters as the spirit of God directed. Lo and behold God of Chosen proved his power. The shade filled up, my first packing shop filled up my second packing shop filled up. And simultaneously without stress, I counted N1.5m and gave back to the man. Today I am free from the bondage of giving N100,000 every month, I am not owing anybody. My business is booming and multiplying in leaps and bounds. I am going for the next packing shop any moment from now. My business is back to me. No more the ugly experience of getting and losing to the wind. I am delivered, I thank God of Chosen for delivering me. If you are in this condition and may be you did not know, as you have heard my testimony, God of Chosen will deliver you too in Jesus name....Amen. I wish our Pastor and everybody heaven at last in Jesus name. Amen. Praise the Lord!

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Bro. Teddy Omoviro

- Delta State

I thank God for making me a real Chosen and granting me genuine salvation. My testimony goes like this. I was once a member of supreme vikkings, I joined in stupidity. I was in the world then and didn’t know anything; I joined the fraternity in foolishness. Thank God when I came for the programmed entitled "Time to Recover All", Pastor sported my case through word of knowledge and said “ those in secret cult should raise their hands” , those smoking should raise their hands, those drinking should raise their hands and he prayed for us and the evil spirits left me. After the prayers I went back to my former group and surrendered every material they gave to me. Their cutlass and every material they gave me, I submitted it back to them. Since then, they have been threatening my life to kill me but I thank God of chosen. When I came for: the enemies submitted”, the story changed. Anytime they see me, they turn their back against me. They no longer look at my face. Thank God for this great feast. Today I am a chosen and heaven bound.

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I made a prayer request before through this Chosen website about the group of Malaysia witchcrafts that camped beside my apartment and they have been attacking me day and night for 1 year and 3months now. These witchcrafts are always hitting/neiling evil spell forces on my apartment wall everyday and night and each time they did that..l will always feel pains in my right hand and after that all the businesses l have will spoil. Not only that..they usually put black magic and voodoo infront of my apartment and the moment l pass it...all the people that wants to make payments to me will immediately get problems..either they get accident or they get sick or someone will die in their family. I made a prayer request for God of Chosen to deliver me from the hands of these witchcrafts. I later went to the branch of the Chosen ministry, church at No 49 Jalan Kenari 21, Opposite ioi mall bus/stop puchong/public bank..just beside the jojo little kitchen cafe and l bought the Chosen stickers which l placed at the walls of my apartment facing the witchcrafs camp apartment and l also placed the stickers at my doors in my apartment. Because of the power of the God of Chosen inside these stickers..those Witchcrafts group packed out from that house over night and now new tenants has packed in to that apartment. I thank the God of Chosen for delivering me from the hands of witchcrafts that vowed that l will not become somebody in my life. There is power in Chosen Ministry. I wish all the members and our G.O heaven at last. Bro Ifeanyi chinenye Syracuse.

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Sister Nwakaego Ikpezie

Enugu State, Nigeria

“If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king.” Dan 3:17 God has the ability to deliver from the, kingdom of darkness or cultic kingdom. In demonstration of His supreme power, God delivered me from the kingdom of darkness that has no name. It happened I was initiated into this kingdom of darkness through chaplet. When I was in secondary school, I was a junior student and the senior ones were maltreating us. I did not like it and was seeking for a way of revenge. One of my friends then gave me a chaplet to hold for her. She left the school before the closing time leaving the chaplet with me. I was happy saying that I have chaplet to pray in the church not knowing the chaplet is an occultic one. In the night l went to bed. While I was sleeping I saw myself in their kingdom, holding meeting with them. Surprisingly, the woman I am living with is the Queen of the kingdom. She told me that I have been resisting them but now I have to join them in the kingdom. I clearly told her that I will not join them because I am a Christian and attend church services regularly. She laughed and later told me that all the churches I attend belong to them. That those churches do come to them to collect power, she then challenged me to go to all the churches in Lagos to find out the truth in what she had told me. She said that I had no option that if I do not go, that I would die. On hearing this, I became afraid. I went to 48 churches in Lagos and their powers all came from satan. Later, I left Lagos for Benue State. In Benue State, I went to four churches and also discovered that their power of performing miracles come from satan. While I was in Benue State, I followed my sister to attend service at The Lord’s Chosen. They did not appear to demonstrate how the church or the Pastor acquired the power of performing miracles. By the time I got back to the kingdom, I asked them why they did not appear to show me how the church got her power of doing miracles. They said they will come. Then as I mentioned the name The Lord’s Chosen, everywhere started shaking as if there was thunder and earthquake. They warned me to mind how I mention the name of churches while in their kingdom. Again when I went to Enugu, I attended service at The Lord’s Chosen, I was in expectation of their coming to demonstrate how The Lord’s Chosen got their power of performing miracle but they did not come. I kept on asking them to show me how they gave power to The Lord’s Chosen but they did not show me. They told me they had 56 kingdoms but one church has collected all their members because of that, the 56 kingdoms have reduced to only six kingdoms. They did not tell me the names of the kingdoms. They told me to stop attending services at The Lord’s Chosen or they will kill me. When I was told this I become afraid and started going late to church services. While I was in Enugu, we had a state crusade titled “POWER OVER THEM”. On the Thursday preceding the crusade, I was coming late to the service, the Pastor met me and told me they will conduct deliverance on me. During the deliverance exercise, all the members of the kingdom appeared to me. They were demonstrating their powers but their power could not do anything to counter the deliverance exercise. They told me that the crusade day would be the day of the final battle. On the day of the crusade they all came as promised. They battled all they could but their power could not do anything. It was on that crusade day that I was finally and fully delivered. While I was in Benue State, we were preparing for the crusade. They told me they will not allow the crusade to take place. When they did everything within their powers to stop the crusade and they could not, they caused rainfall on the day of the crusade. The rainfall did not go anywhere to stop the crusade. Many of them that came on that day of the crusade were arrested. The chaplet used in initiating me is the means of communication with them. When I wear the chaplet on my neck I will put the mouth of the ear piece on the cross, put the ear piece and on my ear, I will start communicating with them. There are thing they produce in the kingdom. They produce rubber people wear on the wrist. They write Man u, Chelsea, Barca etc all those football clubs. Anybody that wears this rubber will fall their victim. They will be collecting the person’s blessings. Anything the person is doing will be going to them. There are some they write names of church on, they are all rubber band and the person who wears it suffers the same fate. There are clothes they produce in the kingdom. There is a lady drawn on the clothe they produce. They lady drawn on the clothes is not ordinary drawing, it is for initiation. This gown that exposes the back of the person wearing it is also from the kingdom. The one they draw something like toy is also from the kingdom. They have plans to start producing The Lord’s Chosen clothes and aprons so that they either sell it or give it free of charge to anybody that cares to collect it. They have produced slippers, scarf, wrist watches, belts. They want to use these materials to initiate as many souls as possible because time is very short. These things according to them will have the name of The Lord’s Chosen on them. I am grateful for my deliverance. They also produce beret; they also produce food. It is advisable to pray over anything you buy before using it. They gave me 10th of August as the day I will come back from visiting the churches. According to them, I will exchange my soul and then become a full member of the kingdom. When one exchanges his soul, one will begin to destroy souls but I have not done that. I thank God for delivering me. Praise the Lord!

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