Sis. Onyinyechi Oguguo

Enugu State.

I joined the Lords Chosen, in the year 2008. I am thanking God for the visitation of His mighty power of healing upon my life. The God of Chosen delivered and healed me from the yoke of moving object which lasted for one month. I am very grateful for this very God, for all that He has done for me. It was during the instant miracles that my Pastor declared that no problem that was brought here will escape God's power. After that declaration by our Pastor, instantly, the yoke was broken and the moving object vanished. I can no longer experience it. I thank the Almighty God for the calling of God upon our Pastor and I wish him heaven at last. Praise God.

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Sis. Ruth Okoro

No.186 Agbado-ljaiye, Lagos State

During the service held here on the christmas day, the pastor asked those who had the affliction of cough to raise their hands. l lifted my hand. ln the course of the prayers, l felt something moving up from my stomach towards my mouth, and made me feel as if l would vomit. But l did not vomit despite the feelings. The following day was environmental sanitation and l decided to have some sleep. While sleeping, l had a dream where l vomitted three objects at quick successions. The objects were very ugly and they emitted bad odour. l woke up to discover that the moving object had disappeared. l have seen the wonderful work of God in this place. l do not know how to thank Him. May his name alone be glorified. Praise the Lord.

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Sis. Vivian George

Dunukofia, Anambra State Nigeria

l joined Chosen in 2007 when l was under the affliction of various sicknesses and diseases. l am happy that my becoming a Chosen has given me freedom from these ailments and l am now healthier than ever before. On our way to this December Retreat service from Anambra State, l discussed with my husband my high expectations in being healed of the attack of moving object which l noticed in my body. ln the course of our Pastor's ministration, he asked us to tap any part of our body that had sickness or diease three times. This l did. l am glad that, that simple obedience led to the disappearnce of the moving object from my body. Thank God for the gift of our Pastor to this generation. Praise the Lord.

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Brother Daniel Nwabueze

Ijora – Badia, Orile, Lagos State, Nigeria

I want to thank God for using some brethren ( not disclosed to me) to do Jubilee for me. I received a package containing some clothes given to me after Sunday service at our Branch, two weeks ago. I also thank God for removing the afflictions of a moving object in my body. The problem lasted for two and half years and it almost claimed my life. I am now relieved. Finally, before I joined Chosen, my family witnessed a harvest of death. We buried our family members too frequently. Since I joined this ministry, the spirit of death is now a thing of the past. We have not buried anybody since 2008 I became a Chosen. Praise God.

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Bro. Samuel Tiya

Owerri, Imo-State.

I came to the Lord’s Chosen in November, 2008. Am thanking God of Chosen for granting me genuine salvation. God of Chosen also delivered me from the afflictions that I was passing through. Before I came in contact with the Chosen, I used to have series of nightmares, moving object in my body, rashes all over my body but just as I came to Chosen and Pastor prayed and the God of Chosen delivered me. Also I want to thank God for granting me a financial favour. Chosen praise God.

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Sis. Chikwendu Chika

Okokomaiko, Lagos

I am thanking God of Chosen for uprooting moving object from my body and for granting me my heart desire. I am also grateful unto God for making me a Chosen and for granting me a genuine salvation. I joined Chosen, 2006. I was afflicted with moving object. And as I joined Chosen, the moving object was moved out from my body last year. In another development, I was desirous that my sister should be a Chosen also. I was praying and committing this request into the hand of God. God visited my sister and convicted her to remove make-up, chains and bangles with weave-on. Later she was afflicted and when she went to the hospital, she was booked to be transfused with some pints of blood, but she prayed and cancelled the transfusion and God honoured the prayer and the transfusion was cancelled. Moreover, the food – seller near my office was afflicted. She was brought to my office, she didn’t know where she was but I assured her that God will intervene in the case. I later prayed for her and instructed her to remove the weave-on, necklace and all the parapherlia of the devil she was putting on, she obeyed and removed them in my presence. Today the woman does not put on the instruments of the devil and she is now free. May the Name of God be praised Praise the Lord.

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Bro.Frank S.


I joined chosen a year ago and I thank God for my genuine salvation. Before I joined chosen, I have been suffering from hotness of the body for three years, moving object and eating in the dream were also included. I have been praying over it. Then I heard about this programme, "...And the Enemies Submitted" and came. After the programme, I had the opportunity to meet out daddy-in-the-Lord one on one and he laid hands on me and everything was rolled away in the name of Jesus. I wish our G.O and all Chosen members heaven at last in Jesus name...Amen.

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Duru Cyprian

East London

for more than a year l have moving object all over my head. During Crusade on Sept 2012 God has the answer. As l was watching it in internet when the G.O. was praying l placed my hand on the computer and the other on my head. lmmediately he mentioned my case everything disapeared.

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Bro. Musa

Kogi State

I thank God for making me a Chosen and granting me genuine salvation. I joined this ministry with the affliction of diabetes, excess sugar but when I called upon the God of Chosen, he visited me and rolled away the affliction from me. While the affliction lasted, there was a sensation going around inside me. (moving object). A night after the programme from Sorrow to Joy a live spider came out from my fore-head. I held it and killed it immediately that moving object ceased. I praise the Lord for this. I pray for the G.O and all the Chosen worldwide heaven at last in Jesus name. Praise the Lord!

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Ongom Benson

P.O Box 942, Lira, Uganda

I am a Chosen by tv. I am a Secondary school teacher at Lango College in Lira District in Northern Uganda. I have been suffering from demonic attacks since 1985 and a moving object that fits itself as another human being inside me. This intensified to the extent that I had to leave teaching for nearly ten years. I went to very many churches for deliverance in vain and even many herbalists and witch doctors but never succeeded. Good enough, God gave me a cable and just last year, I came across the Chosen tv and my life changed. Whenever the G.O is praying, I always prayed with him. He mentioned my case about the moving objects and commanded it to die and come out. At night, I dreamt that something very heavy was covering me as a coat and i was wondering what it was. And in the dream, I started to pull it off and later found it that it was a rotten skin of a crocodile with a very bad smell and i dropped it off. Since then (22nd December 2013)my life has changed completely. I am now Chosen by tv because there is no branch here in Uganda. I pray and wish my G.O Heaven at last an all the chosen brethren worldwide, heaven at last in Jesus name.

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