Sis. Faith Ifon

Kwara State

Since March 2009 to May 2010. I had four consecutive miscarriages, somebody introduced me to The Lords Chosen and I came for the crusade of that year entitled, “….And the Enemies Submitted” held on 12th &13th June 2010. In that crusade, Pastor prayed and cancelled miscarriage and I thank God because He proved himself in my life. The result of that prayer is the baby in my hands. I thank God for honouring the words of His servant in my life and wiping away sorrow from me.

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Sis. Edonia Obi


I thank God of Chosen for delivering from 5 years yoke of barreness. I had miscarriages 4 times. Someone almost stopped me from carrying my baby because doctor said I had fibroid instead of baby at the 8 months. But as I came to service Pastor mentioned my case and prayed and God removed the fibroid. Today God had given me victory. I delivered safely.

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