Bro. Steven & Sis. Chukwunenye Udiegbu

Lagos - Nigeria.

They joined the Lord's Chosen February 2009. He testified how God of Chosen healed him with his wife of H.I.V. 1 & 2 positive. This dreadful disease lasted for 4 going to 5 years. Also God of Chosen healed him of 4 years poison which denied many medical treatments but as he came to the lord's Chosen, it all vanished. Also he was healed of 1 year partial blindness. To God be the Glory.Chosen praise God.

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Bro. Edmond Egbue

Abuja - Nigeria.

I want to thank God for granting me Salvation. I also want to testify how God of Chosen healed me of H.I.V. Aids which ravaged my life for a long time until l visited the Lord's Chosen in 2006 and God healed me. Another testimony is that one day, armed robbers visited our home, as the dashed in, my wife declared that she is a chosen. Immediately they left the house and that was how we were delivered from them. Chosen praise God.

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Sis. Blessing Adiukwu

Emene Ukwuoji Enugu State.

My name is Blessing Adiukwu. I want to thank the Almighty God for showing me mercy and as well granting me healing. I was a H.I.V patient. I was diagonised of having the virus 3 years ago. When l recieved the report is as if my life was over but I thank God for The Lord's Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement. Somebody told me about The Lord's Chosen and l came. The Pastor prayed and said, people that are H.I.V positive should go back to test and even the hospital were they were tested positive. When l went back for test l was confirmed H.I.V negative. It was so surprising to me, without drugs, infact God of chosen NA BABA. That was how God of Chosen healed me and today am free from that yoke.

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Bro. Chinagorom Samson

Onitsha- Anambra State

I really thank God for making me a Chosen. Chosen Praise the Lord! I want to testify how The God of Chosen healed me of this deadly disease called H.I.V. I went for a test and l was tested H.I.V positive. It's been 4 months now l was tested positive. Infact it was a big blow on me. When l was told of The Lord's Chosen church, l started attending. One day after the Pastor must have finished preaching, during prayer time he mentioned my case and that was how l claimed it and claimed my healing. I went back for test, and l was tested H.I.V negative. Chosen Praise the Lord.

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Bro. S. Igbo

Abuja Nigeria

The plan of God for every one He created is to grant them abundant life, blessing of good things and everlasting life at the end. God demonstrated this in my life as He healed me of HIV 1 & 2 that nearly ruined my life. lt was in the year 2003 when l was still worshipping in another ministry; l wanted to get married and the marriage committee sent me for test. ln the test, my blood showed HIV 1 & 2 positive, it appeared to me as if the world has come to an end. My marriage was suspended. HIV as far as medical science is concerned has no cure. From that time, l started receiving medical advice for the management of the deadly disease. Then in the year 2007, someone introduced me to The Lord's Chosen. When l attended one of The Lord's Chosen crusade, the Pastor mentioned my case and l felt sensation in my body. When he prayed, l claimed my healing. From that moment l knew that something had happened in my body. Then l went back to get married and was sent for another test. This time l tested HIV 1 & 2 negetive. lt was after the test that l went ahead and married. l thank God for His divine healing upon my life. Praise the Lord.

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Orabueze Uzochukwu


I thank God for healing me from Hiv + turned to negative

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Sister Ngozi Oparachi

Ejigbo, Lagos, Nigeria

I never, dreamt of coming to Chosen let alone standing to give testimony, all glory to God. sometime last year, I became sick and began to emaciate. I could neither eat nor drink. I was always having bad dreams and eating all sorts of things in the dream. As these things were going on, I would just wake up and make a religious prayer. Within two months, I was like a broom stick, all my veins were out. It got to a stage, I got tired of taking drugs. At last I went to the hospital and I was told to run HIV test, however, I was surprised at the request because I did HIV test last year and even two years ago. Eventually when I went for the test, it was positive. I was surprised. I could not believe it and I said, it is a lie. They asked me why? I said because I doesn’t have a boy friend and I has not slept with anybody. They said that was the result of the test, that I could go anywhere to run a confirmatory test. Eventually I went and showed my mum the result. My mom shouted, it was not my portion. I am the type that confides in my mother in everything, so my mother doubted the result and took me to her personal doctor and the doctor took the blood sample and told her to come back the next day. She was worried and left for home. The next day, because l didn’t want to stay at home all alone so that I would not die of anxiety. I dressed up and came to Chosen. Initially when I dressed up, I didn’t know where to go because I has not been going to church for a long time now. That day I came here and cried unto God. After praying that day, I went to the doctor that took my sample and the doctor said I should go and treat typhoid. That typhoid was too much in my body. That HIV was weakly positive. I went home and reported to them what the result was. Every one of them began to pray. However before I left Chosen ground that day, I scooped some quantity of sand from opposite the altar and went home with it. As I collected the result from the doctor, I said this will afford me the opportunity to get closer to God. As I got home that day, I poured some sand into a cup of water and drank it. I just casually did what I did, I didn’t have anything in mind. Then I went to the hospital to collect drugs from my mother’s doctor that tested me, the doctor counselled me and sent me to the lab again and instructed them to do a re-confirmatory test. When I got there, they took my sample again and ran the test and the result showed that God of Chosen has taken control. The two tests they conducted were – ve (negative). From there, they sent me to Yaba to make double sure and Yaba also conducted their own test and it was still negative. I glorify the name of the Lord for this. I would never sit and be a bench warmer (lukewarm). I would be active and serve God till I die. I declare myself a Chosen forever. I prayed that God will strengthen our Pastor.

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Sister Ogechukwu Nduka.


I am here to testify the goodness of God in my life. I am among those that God of Chosen healed of HIV 1 & 2. It happened that in 2007, I went for a test and I tested positive to HIV 1 & 2. I was very afraid and I didn’t want anybody to see it and so I tore the result. And where I was managing my provision business, I sold off everything, dashed some out because I lost hope. I didn’t know that this kind of sickness could be cured anywhere. After selling off everything. I came back to my family to die. In August 2011 I came in contact with Chosen, and went to crusade in Enugu State titled “Time for God to Prove His Power” when the G.O prayed against HIV, because that was my first time, I did not believe. I was imagining how can this be? Is it by word, magic or what? So I went home and continued going for church activities instead of going back to test as instructed by the general Pastor. During December period, Mgbidi was approaching and because I had already destroyed the positive result, I said let me go and do another test so that I could get another positive result to present before God at Mgbidi crusade. To my greatest surprise, when I went back to re-do the test, the result came out negative. Brethren, I don’t know how to thank this God because my case was at the terminal stage. This has lasted for 6 years and am still alive. If anyone is here and you are in such condition or you have somebody in such condition, it is true, there is miracle here. I am a living testimony. Since 2007 till now, I am still alive no drugs, no sickness, I am strong every day. I want to thank God of Chosen. He is very great. I pray for my G.O, his family and all the Chosen members worldwide heaven at last in Jesus name. Praise the Lord!

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