Sister Gift Ndumere

Okota- Lagos

God healed and delivered me from the bondage of growth in my stomach which has tormented me for over 15 years. By the grace of God, I joined this ministry in the early stage at Ilasa and I thank God for His goodness and mercy upon me. I thank God for the salvation of my soul. I have this growth in my body and it was projected into my stomach when I was a little girl in my mother’s womb. When I grew up going for other things, I was told that the evil projection to my stomach was done by an enemy, the devil’s agent to kill me. Fear was inflicted into me and I started crying unto God to save me. At a time, the growth did not grow until about 15 years ago that it started growing. From then it never grow rapidly until 3 years ago that it started growing rapidly. I don’t know who to tell it to rather I was covering it up to myself and opening it up to God Almighty. Somebody once told me that the man of God where I am is the only Pastor that can pray for me and it will be well with me. Then I started making efforts receiving prayers from Pastor sometimes he would mention it “That thing like football in your tommy.” Once he mentions it, I will fall under anointing. Finally he prayed for me again. I kept on claiming it that the evil that was projected there is destroyed, until finally I made up my mind after the prayers and went to the hospital. By this time, I was convinced in the dream. Then I went to the hospital where it was surgically removed without stress. In fact, the hand of God was upon me in that hospital even the doctors confirmed it. God of Chosen came to the hospital, the same day the doctors removed it was the same day I started eating food and doing other things. Everything confirmed the hand of God. I want to thank God for my Pastor and I pray that the God that called him will neither forsake him nor abandon him.. I wish him and his family Heaven at last. To God be the glory.

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Sister Gloria Onyenuso

Amuwo-Odofin Estate, Lagos State.

I want to thank God of Chosen for His marvelous work upon my life. My testimony goes thus; I came to Chosen in the month of November, 2008 with this ailment to which I had sought for cure everywhere. I visited innumerable churches, prayer homes and hospitals, but there was no solution. I reside in Aba, Abia State, but on hearing about the Lords Chosen that it is the last bus stop to any problem of life, I came and decided to pitch my tent here. Hearing and seeing the mighty works of God here, I became committed in the church. I got baptized in water and also joined the Chair Department to keep seats clean for worshippers. On a particular service day, our Daddy in the Lord mentioned my case and I claimed it. Something like a stone came out of my body. I continued in fellowship because our Pastor always say, ‘Continuation brings freedom’. Lest I forget, the problem started in 2006 after visiting my home in the village. Shortly after the divine touch, I went back to the hospital and after going through recommended tests and examinations, the doctors said I would undergo surgery. To the glory of God I went for surgery and it was successful as 75 liters of fluid was evacuated from my stomach and now I am free. I am grateful to the church who also paid all the hospital bills. Praise the Lord!

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Olugbenga Ebenezer

Opp. Bazyk Superstore Gwagwalada Abuja

I want to thank God of Chosen for cleansing me from an unknown growth which I don't know the name in my anus I can't sit, sleep comfortably and pains alot, but as our General Overseer declared in the recent Crusade (God of Miracle) that any form of Growth should go out that on thursday on friday the next morning Glory be to GOD OF CHOSEN the unknown growth broke and things like thick pus started coming out smelling badly. I say the God that did this for me may His name be glorified. I wish General Overseer Heaven at last and chosen worldwide Heaven at Last.

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