Sister Ikechukwu Lovely

Enugu State. Nigeria.

I joined Chosen in 2010. I thank God for making me a Chosen. I was at Mgbidi 2012 where I presented my case to this God of Chosen. Before now I had problem of AS genotype. Most men that had intention of proposing to me for marriage always get discouraged when they discovered that I am AS because they too will be having the same genotype with me. I cried to God earnestly to remove it and change my genotype to AA. Brethren, I was at this diagnostic center last month for a test and lo and behold when the result was released, I saw AA. God has done it, He has changed my genotype. Chosen praise the Lord!

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Agbaje Tosin

University of Benin Teaching Hospital Benin City

God has turned my AS genotype to AA. and that haematological limitations have been broken off my life forever.

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Tonia Eze


I want to thank the God of Chosen for changing my Genotype from AS to AA. May His Name be highly exalted.

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Brother Omoboye Akiolu

Ekiti State,Nigeria

I met with this glorious gospel late year and I formerly declared myself a Chosen in Mgbidi early this year. I thank God for making my family and I Chosen. I am a School Principal. When I started seeing the manifestation of God’s power in this ministry, there was fire in my bones. After the Mgbidi crusade, we went back to our station, I had to mount cable in all the offices in my school. Also, the houses of my staff, I had to mount all the Chosen cables there. By the time, we were doing it, we thought it was a joke. Shortly before October 5th that was world teachers’ day. The local inspectors of education came to my school. My school is relatively a small school. Some schools are ten times the population of my school and with several facilities and connections. The local education inspectors came to my school and asked” I hope you are preparing? I said “what for?” They said “your school has been chosen as the best school in the local government that once you win at the local government, you will represent the local government at the State level. I looked at everything, the school is small, no gate, fence, nothing and we have big first class schools in the state. The following two days, the representative to the commissioner invited us to the headquarters to tell us the requirements for the state level. All the certificates, trophies and all the things won by the school should be carried along to the state. Brethren the first certificate, which is my own, I didn’t have it but I called God for intervention because God used to say if one does not pray to God, he would bring shame to the Lord. I began to cry unto the Lord for intervention. On the day of the interview, we went there with the little we had and presented it, after that we went back to school. A week to the announcement, there was virtually no hope. However, I tarried with God in prayer while people will be making jest of me. At last, God told me not to go to where they were doing the award, that He would do his own after they have done theirs. At the d-day, I didn’t have enough wherewithal to go to the place. On the day of the award, I was in my home when one of my staff, a union representative called me and said “Oga, it has happened.” At last, my school was awarded the best secondary school in Ekiti State. Next session my school is going to Abuja to represent the State. As a school principal, in 2010 the State government asked us to send the biometric data of our staff including blood test, blood group etc to the government. So I called a team of medical personnel to my school, to take our samples. By the time they returned the results, I found out that I was ‘AS’ a sickle –cell carrier – most of my staff were ‘AA’, immediately I saw my own result, I hid it to avoid shame and reproach. I am a biology specialist and never knew that the condition could be altered medically, biological or otherwise but in 2012/2013 I was watching cable and heard testimonies of those whose genotypes were turned from SS to AA and so I keyed into it and I went to text and behold, when the result came out, it was ‘AA’. Praise the Lord. Brethren, this God is wonderful. Moreover, I matched poison and this has been worrying me but in this Chosen God took away that poison affliction after about 15 years. This God is awesome. I thank God for making me a beneficiary of his magnificent power. I pray for my Pastor that the good work God has started in his life, He would finish it. And may God continue to anoint the G.O so that he would finish his work. I pray for all the Pastors, my family and entire Chosen, heaven at last in Jesus name. Praise the Lord!

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