Bro. Chikason & Sis. Blessing Obasi

Abuja - Nigeria.

To the Glory of God, I want to testify how God perfectly touched me and my wife and the torment of frequent urinating that has lasted for a year plus six months in our lifes stopped. Yesterday saturday, the first day of the crusade was my first time of attending The Lord's Chosen.I and my wife have been sick of frequent urinating for a year and six months in such a way that we have tried medications and it was to no avail. Brethen, this particular issue has worried my mind for some time now. But l thank God, as the Pastor was making prayers yesterday he decreed that, as many that are diabetic or are having frequent urinating, that he is given them that night, they will niether urinate only ones nor none at all. I claimed it.To God be the glory that same day we did not urinate at all at night. Chosen Praise the Lord.

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Bro. Onuoha Davidson

Abakaliki- Ebonyi State

I had Chest-pain problem which lasted for 5 years. l also had Urinary track infection which made me to be urinating up to ten(10)times every night.Infact this problem had made me feel so uncomfortable even in the day time. But as l came to the Onitsha crusade after Pastor's prayer on the first day of the crusade. I realised l urinated only once in the night. Chosen praise the Lord.

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Sis. Ngozi Okoro

From Port-Harcourt

I am from River State. God of Chosen healed me of constant Urination which has been a major problem in my life for the past 12 months.l have gone to many hospitals, met many doctors, after examining me and making prescriptions, still to no avail. Infact, some of the doctors will tell me, nothing is wrong with me. While in a day l will urinate up to 15 times to the extent that people around were asking me what the problem was. But yesterday,in this Onitsha crusade, during prayers, our general overseer mentioned my case and l claimed it. behold, last nightl urinated only once throughout the long night. Brethren, which God would have done this, if not the God of chosen. To God be the glory!

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Bro. Jude Emeka Ebewu

Ohabiam Road Port-Harcourt, Aba, Abia State.

I came from Aba to this Crusade. I am thanking God for granting me genuine Salvation. I have been Urinating so un-usual before the day breaks for the past 3 years now. But l thank God for granting me the grace to be in this crusade titled " TIME FOR GOD TO PROVE HIS POWER". During the time of Prayers, after preaching,as the Pastor started praying he said for as many of us that have been urinating frequently, that we will either urinate only ones or not at all before the day breaks. And as it were, l did not urinate even ones until l woke up this morning to prepare for the crusade. Chosen Praise the Lord!

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Bro. Ikenna Joseph Igwe

No.199 Oyemaku Street,Akure, Ondo State- Nigeria.

Brethren, l thank the Almighty for making me a Chosen. I had evil and demonic afflictions ranging from constant urinating, 5 years spirit wife, eating in the dream and moving object that has been from birth. I started with the Lord's Chosen on 5th September 2009 at the Onitsha crusade. Before l came to the Chosen, l was suffering from constant urinating that has lasted for many years; spirit wife that has messed and disgraced me for 5 years, eating in the dream and moving object for age long. I have tried herbal homes and some church for deliverance though all persisted. I came to the crusade at Onitsha and God healed me to the extent that l do not urinate as l used to, infact all those afflictions are no more existing in my life. To the Almighty God be the Glory.

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Sis. Grace Okpoyo

Oru East L.G.A of Imo State, Nigeria.

God demonstrated his power in my life as he healed me of frequent urinating l have suffered for several months. When l experienced this problem for the first time, l thought it to be a minor thing but as days and weeks passed by the problem continued to manifest in my life. Every night I will urinate up to five times before day break. During the day the urinating is even more than that. This problem took us to hospital but the treatments given to me did not solve the problem. l kept on urinating frequently both in the day and in the night. When l attended the crusade at Mgbidi, l heard the testimonies of the acts of God and had the faith that God in his own way will equally touch me and heal me of the sickness. The Pastor mentioned the case as he mounted the pulpit. He said people suffering from diabetes and frequent urinating will receive the touch of God’s Power and they will be healed. According to him, some of them will not urinate at all while others will urinate only once. In my own case, I urinated just once in the night and since I came to the crusade as early as 7:00 am in the morning, l urinated just once. God’s power has touched me and l am totally healed. I am grateful to God for divine healing upon my life. To God is the glory!

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Bro. Izu Okoronkwo

Eziakari in Ukpu Village, Afikpo North, Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

" Bless the Lord, O my soul and forget not all his benefits, who forgiveth all thine iniquities, who healeth all thy diseases". Psa.103:3. In keeping with the words of the scripture above, l will ever bless the name of the Lord for what he did in my life. In accordance with his word, he healed me of 7 years constant urinating and High Blood Pressure of 7 years. This is my first time of attending a program like this. After the preaching and prayer of the Pastor yesterday in this crusade Mgbidi 2010, l got home to urinate only once in the night. Because Pastor said some of us will urinate only once at night while others will not urinate at all. Before this time, l used to urinate many times before the day breaks. I thank God for healing me. I am now a Chosen. I did not know that God is now in The Lord's Chosen. May all glory be ascribed unto him Amen.

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Sis. Rebecca Ike

No.15 Fosufo Adegbimgbo Street Mile 12, Lagos State. Nigeria.

l joined Chosen 2005 and l have been believing God for healing of diabetes that afflicted me for 4 years. Before l received my healings at last Thursday's service, l used to urinate quite frequently both at night and day. But when Pastor declared an end to that affliction, l became free since last Thursady. l have not experinced frequent urinating both at day and night. That same day, l was healed of 2 years stomach pain which the Pastor mentioned during the prayers. Up till now, l cannot feel the pain anymore. Praise The Lord.

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Evang. Timothy Blessman

Auchi, Edo State

I am a missionary from Cross River State, but a Pastor at Auchi(Edo State). I came into Lagos about three days ago with the intention of visiting a place of worship at Otta in Ogun State in search of healing for various afflictions. I was recently admitted into a hospital for High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Pneumonia and other ailments, I was discharged unhealed. I began to seek for men of God that could be of spiritual help to me. My case was quite pathetic: In the day time I would be strong. But when night comes I began to feel terribly sick. Last Thursday, someone invited me to attend service at The Lord’s Chosen Headquarters. I prayed to God in advance to make my visit to Chosen a place of last bus stop. While praying for new comers, the Pastor declared that some of us were carrying curses which he cancelled. At the end of the service, I retired to where I lodged within the premises. In the night I had a dream in which a voice kept mentioning, “Pastor Curse", “Pastor Curse”. I woke up and began to ask, “Who is bearing Pastor Curse?” I rushed out of the place and purchased an apron with the inscription: “Whom God has blessed no man can curse”, I put it on. During the next day’s service, I was feeling very uncomfortable because of sharp pains all over my body. I was tempted to stroll out of the auditorium, but a silent voice restrained me. I was feeling very hungry too. Then the Pastor asked the worshippers to use their hands and wipe away curses from their face three times. I quickly considered it my case. After the day service, I retired to bed. For the first time in many months I slept peacefully like a new born child. Unlike before, when I would urinate countless times before dawn, last night I never felt pressed for urinary, expect once. I then recalled the words of the Pastor that those suffering from disease that causes frequent urinating would urinate at most once in the night. Even when I took a lot of liquid this morning, I still do not feel pressed for urinary. I thank God for His anointing upon this servent of God. Praise the Lord!

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Bro. Ebegbulam Cyril


God proved His healing power upon my life and the yoke of diabetes and other diseases that have tormented me for 7 years. During this period, I used to urinate very often. I was forced not to eat any food that contains carbohydrate etc. Drugs have been recommended and I have been taking those drugs and taking injections but the problem still remained. I decided to seek God’s face because I cannot cure myself. I used to urinate more than 4 times in the night. At a stage, I became worried and confused, frustrated but someone invited me to this Church, “ The Lord’s Chosen”. Yesterday, the Pastor prayed for all of us concerning sicknesses and diseases. He said no sickness will escape the power of God I claimed my healing. By the Grace of God, last night, I urinated only once according to the Pastor’s command. I thank God for His divine healing upon my life. I wish our Pastor Heaven at last in Jesus name. To God be the glory.

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Bro. Anthony Ibemesin

Nkpor, Anambra State. Nigeria

It takes strong faith to please the Lord as without it, it is impossible to please Him. The above statement proved itself in my life and situation as God healed and delivered me from 15 years bondage of frequent urinating. In the course of this sickness, I was forbidden from eating many things including anything carbohydrate. I came to this Mgbidi crusade with full expectation and belief that I will receive healing. To God be the glory, yesterday as the man of God was praying, he said, “Those who have been urinating more than two times in the night will not urinate at all this night while some will urinate only once” and I claimed it. Brethren, throughout the night , I did not urinate until this morning that I urinated once and I was asking myself what has happened? Then I remembered the Pastor’s word of knowledge. Truly, I came, I saw and I conquered. I have seen the goodness of the Lord at Mgbidi 2010 and my prayer to all of us here with one problem or the other is that, this God who delivered me will deliver every one of us in Jesus Name. I wish our Pastor heaven at last.

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Bro. Jude Okoronkwo

Afikpo North L.G.A Ebonyi State Nigeria

It is well known fact that our God answers prayers. As I called on his name for healing, he answered and healed me of diabetes I have suffered for seven years. This sickness started with constant urinating. In the hospital, the diagnosis showed that diabetes was the cause of the frequent urinating. Though the diagnosis was correct, the hospital could not administer a lasting treatment to the sickness. All the drugs that were given to me could not heal me of the sickness. When the orthodox medicine could not offer solution to the problem, I resorted to trusting God. From that time anywhere there was crusade of this nature. I always attend, asking God’s face and believing strongly for my healing. In all these efforts, the sickness continued. Within the period under review I urinated 14 times a day and in the night, I hardly sleep because of the frequent urinating. My cousin in Abuja invited me to The Lord’s Chosen crusade in Mgbidi; this is the first time I would attend any crusade organised by The Lord’s Chosen. In the first day of the crusade, the Pastor mentioned the case, he said that, people suffering diabetes are healed. According to him some of them will urinate just once in the night while others will not urinate at all. I felt the touch of God’s power and believed him for my healing. In the night, I urinated just once and other systems of the sickness have all stopped. I thank God for His intervention upon my life and for my healing. Chosen praise the Lord.

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Brother Edwin Onu

GRA Nsukka, Enugu State. Nigeria.

I want to thank God for making me to know that frequent urinating is a sickness. Also I am thanking Him for healing me of that sickness as I came to The Lord's Chosen crusade. For several years, I have been urinating frequently. In the night, I pass out urine up to five times before day breaks. While these went on, it used to disturb my sleep. In the day time it was even more than five times but I did not know it was a sickness. When I came to the crusade at Mgbidi the Pastor mentioned the case, he said the power of God will touch all the people suffering from diabetes and constant urinating and they will be healed. Some of them will urinate just once in the night while others will not urinate at all. In the night, according to the words of the Pastor, I urinated just once and the next night it was the same thing. I thank God for the divine healing upon my life. Praise the Lord.

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Sis. Uzoma Ezeh

No. 1 Jude Ezeokoro Awada Onitsha, Anambra State. Nigeria

I came to The lord’s Chosen on the first day of Aba 2010 crusade for the first time with the problem of constant urination. I used to urinate six to seven times each night. By the mercy of God, after the Pastor prayed and decreed that I would urinate either once or none at all, I returned home that night and urinated just once, according to the word of the man of God. I am so elated that this ugly experience is over in my life and that I can now live my life normally. I bless the name of the Lord and pray for more power and grace upon His servant, in Jesus name Amen.

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Bro. Daniel Chidozie

Ogbomro Effurum, Delta State Nigeria.

I want to thank this very God, the God of the Chosen who delivered me from a very terrible heart attack. I suffered from this terrible heart attack for a period of three and half years with the resultant difficulty in breathing. I sought healing from all angles to no avail. However, I received my healing instantly when I attended the Aba 2010 crusade. The Pastor mentioned my case while he was praying and declared healing for everyone in my kind of situation. I felt a touch immediately and instantly, I was relieved of this problem and my breathing normalized. Secondly, I used to urinate ten to twelve times at night. Again, while the pastor was praying, he declared that people with related cases would urinate only once or none at all from that night. The God Almighty also confirmed these words in my life when I returned home that day and urinated only once. May the name of the Lord be praised for ever, in Jesus name. Praise the Lord.

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Bro. Samuel Makoji


I want to testify the goodness of the Lord upon my life. It happened that I went to study in Ghana 24 years ago. During this period, I mixed up with some students in a hostel and they used the opportunity to bewitch me. Since then, I have been afflicted with frequent urinating. It got to the extent that whenever I had any dream in the night, I will wake up bed wetted. The problem continued until I returned to Nigeria and joined The Lord’s Chosen in July 2009, I continued fellowship with The Lord’s Chosen and on a certain day I collected the Pastor’s phone number and called him on phone. After the Pastor had prayed for me, the yoke was broken. I am therefore thanking God for his mercy and deliverance upon my life and for taking away the garment of shame which the devil put upon my life. To God is the glory.

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Bro. Festus Okere

Onicha – Uboma, Imo State

I have experienced frequent urinating since 2007. After I attended The Lord’s Chosen crusade at Owerri last month, the sickness disappeared. I used to urinate six to seven times in the night. Now I do not urinate more than once, as the Pastor declared at that crusade. I thank God of Chosen for this wonderful healing. Praise God!

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Sis. Agih Francise

Bayelsa State,Nigeria.

I joined this great movement last year at Mgbidi 2012. I was injected in the dream and after two days I started bleeding. I felt moving object all over my body and had frequent urination. I came to the crusade last year with loads of problems. Beloved, I came to the crusade a day after the end of the crusade but this God still healed me of all these problems. The moving objects disappeared, the bleeding stopped and the frequent urination vanished. Praise God! My advice to new comers is that they should continue. This God that healed me will surely heal them in Jesus name.

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Sister Amaka Patricia

Delta State, Nigeria

This is my first time of coming to Mgbidi crusade even to Chosen. Before this time I have been yoked with frequent urinating for the past forty-five years. In the night I do urinate up to eight times before day break. Pastor prayed and cancelled diabetes in the lives of people and said those in such condition would either urinate once or not at all. After prayer I did not urinate at all before day break. Not only that, I was always feeling pains to the extent that l could not stand for a long time but in this crusade, God has also healed the pains and I can now stand for donkey hours without any problem. I wish and pray that G.O will visit Agbor for a crusade like this. Praise the Lord! Sister Amaka Patricia

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Ayodele Adenuga

Trans Amadi, Port Harcourt.

The General Pastor declared on the 4th of Jan 2014 at day one of Mgbidi crusade that those with frequent night urinations are healed. Even though I have not been diagnosed of any disorder, I used to urinate at least three (3) times in the night after emptying my bowel prior to going to bed. On the 4th of Jan 2014 I did not empty my bowel at all before going to bed and I did not even have a need to urinate until morning. Not urinating at night alone is a miracle not to talk of going to bed with a full bladder. I glorify the name of the Lord for this instant miracle, may His name be praised.

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Brother Joseph Orakwute


I joined Chosen January this year (2013). I was formerly a member of an orthodox church before l changed and became a Chosen. I used to urinate frequently, at times, up to eight times before day breaks but as I came yesterday (23rd Nov. 2013) and Pastor prayed, I went home and did not urinate at all, my system is normal, i'm now urinating normal. chosen praise the Lord.

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