Sis. Rita Orabor

Hospital Road, Umunede Delta State Nigeria.

lt was in the year 2008 l started experiencing bleeding. For a whole year, l was bleeding, l went to hospital for scan and the scan result showed l had fibroid. The doctor recommended for operation. He tested my blood level and said it was 15%, he therefore said l needed blood transfusion before the operation could be carried out. l told him l had no money but he insisted l must look for money. l phoned my brother in Lagos, he promised to send money to me. l called my other brother in Aba, that one promised to send money too; the wife called me and said l should go to The Lord's Chosen that the fibroid would be healed at The Lord's Chosen service. As she was saying this, l became angry with her, l told her to tell her husband to send me money for fibroid operation. l was even telling her that they do not love me. That the problem now is not what prayer can solve and that l needed to be operated upon. One sunday afternoon, l was sitting in front of my house and a woman, a member of The Lord's chosen was coming back from service. She saw my condition and called me. She said she had been observing my mood for sometime; that from her observation there is a problem. she said l should come to her house and tell her my problem. l went and narrated my problem to her, l told her my frustration and odeal. She assured me that God of Chosen would heal me of the fibroid. She gave me a handbill inviting me to attend service in The Lord's chosen. She then called the son to bring an anointed handkercheif for her to put in the water for me to drink. The son said he had lost the handkercheif. She was angry with the child, she went into the room to look for another one but she could not see any. l told her to bless the water that l would drink it. She blessed the water and l drank it. ln the night, l read my Bible, prayed and went to bed. A voice told me to place the handbill on my tommy. l got up, opened my Bible, brought the handbill and placed it on my tommy and slept off. ln the morning, l went to toilet, as l passed out faeces, a lot of blood followed it and the fibroid equally came out. lt was that very day the doctor told me to come for the blood transfusion and consequent operation. lt was also the same day my brother in lagos promised to pay some money into my account to enable me settle the hospital bill. After l passed out the blood and the fibroid came out, the bleeding stopped. Up till the time of giving this testimony, l have not experienced the bleeding again. l am grateful that God intervened in my case and healed me. To God be the glory!

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Sis. Felicity Ofomba

No. 21 Gasline Faulks Road Aba, Abia State, Nigeria.

I want to greatly appreciate God of Chosen for rooting up ten years yoke of fibroid out of my life. I want to thank Him also for giving me the opportunity to become a Chosen and for granting me salvation. At the close of the first day of Aba 2010 crusade, the Pastor said, " Who will be the first to testify tomorrow?" Immediately, my stomach rumbled and tumbled as if there was war going on there. I felt pressed and ran to ease myself. There, I excreted some indescribable objects. This process was repeated when I got home that night. That marked the end of 10 years terrible affliction of fibroid in my life. May the name of the Lord be praised for ever. Praise the Lord.

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Sis. Comfort Amu

Ojo Road, Lagos

I thank God that I am a Chosen and for His intervention in my life. I have fibroid that has lasted for 15 years in my system. I have visited many hospitals and native doctors and then churches, yet, no solution. I have done scan several times to see whether I would do surgical operation or not . But I was afraid of operation because I do not know whether I would survive it. But on coming here, everything has changed. Formally I was not able to bend down or do anything but now I can bend down and do all those things I could not do before. I joined Chosen in 2005. One fateful service Pastor instructed us to tap wherever we were having pains, three times. As I obeyed and tapped it, the fibroid disappeared. Brethren, I really thank God. God of Chosen is wonderful indeed. I advise the new comers to continue because continuity brings freedom. Here is the last but – stop. In another development, last year, two of my daughters in-law were pregnant simultaneously. I was afraid whether they would be delivered safely. To the glory of God, they all came down successfully. God of Chosen is ‘baba’ I pray heaven at last for our General Pastor Praise the Lord!

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