Bro. Odougo Christian

Enugu State- Nigeria.

I joined the Lord's chosen on September 2008. I was suffering from epilepsy which lasted for 2 years that almost led me to madness. But I was in the crusade held in Lagos tittled "From Sorrow to Joy" and God gave me a testimony, he healed me and l became healed even as the pastor was praying he mentioned my case.Chosen praise the Lord.

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Bro. Christopher Ewah Okocha

Eziakani Ukpa Afikpo, Ebonyi State. Nigeria

I was afflicted with the spirit of Epilepsy for 7 years. I came to the Lord's Chosen through my son who is a Chosen. It used to torment me every 2 weeks in a month. It was in one of the periods this shameful sickness was tormenting me that my son was at home to witness it and he decided to take me to the Lord's Chosen branch in Afikpo for the Pastor to pray for me. He was shouting "Daddy, you will not die, God of Chosen will deliver you and heal you". The branch Pastor of this great movement prayed for me and after his prayer, the bondage and yoke of epilepsy was broken in my life for l have not experienced it again. I was a professional driver, l have been driving since 1970 but because of this sickness l stopped driving. I thank God for delivering me from the bondage of epilepsy. I thank God for making my son a Chosen or else what would l have done. To my Pastor heaven at last.

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Sis. Ola. S. Adebayo


I am thanking God of the Chosen who has healed and delivered me from the torment and bondage of epilepsy for complete 10 years. It all started when I was born, about ten years ago, I started suffering this sickness. It is very disgraceful and shameful. I will be ashamed to meet my friends and play with them as all will be afraid so that you don’t transmit it to them. I was marooned, my mother took me to many places in search of cure but they will end up collecting a large sum of money from her without curing me. The last four places we went before coming to the Lord’s Chosen, the first she paid N80, 000 the other, she paid N60,000, N70,000 in that order. Every three days, the evil spirit must torment me. That is how I will be falling anyhow and anywhere, disgracing me. Within this period I will be under this torment, I will not know myself until when the spirit will leave me and I will be crying when I get up. This continued until the day we were directed to the Lord’s Chosen. We came and in a word of knowledge, the Pastor mentioned my case and it was all over. After the Pastor commanded, the yoke of 10 years epilepsy was broken out of my life. Though I stayed up to one month but since after the Pastor’s prayer, I have not experienced it again. What can I say to this God; without Him, I don’t know what would have become my fate today. I would have still be under that bondage. I thank you Lord; I thank you Jesus. May your name be glorified in Jesus name. I wish our Pastor Heaven at last. Praise the Lord.

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Bro. Benedict Okpara

Okanda, Calaber Cross-River State.

I thank God Almighty, the God of the Chosen for healing me from the affliction of the enemy. God healed me and cast out all the sicknessess that has tormented my life for many years. I suffered for 18 years under the affliction of stroke, which took me to many hospitals where I received treatment from different doctors all to no avail. In all these efforts with its accompanying expenses, there was no improvement in my health. At the same time, I suffer epilepsy. The epilepsy lasted for 22years. It started before the stroke. This one has no cure medically. It kept on disgracing me even in the public. There was no kind of place I did not go in search of cure for these two sicknesses. Each round of treatment left me in the same condition. As if these were not enough, internal heat also joined in the line of the sicknesses. This one always put me in an uncomfortable condition. All my body will be hot and I will not be able to stay anywhere. At a stage, when all medical attention both orthodox and alternative failed, I became frustrated but resigned my fate to God. In my frustration, someone introduced me to The Lord's Chosen Ministry. Within these years, I do not walk without a supporting stick. As I came to The Lord's Chosen crusade in Mgbidi, the Pastor mentioned the case and commanded those who were not using their body to stand up and walk. I stood up and started walking on my own. Now, the sticks have been thrown away and I can walk without the stick now. I am grateful to God for His divine healing upon my life. I give God all the glory. Praise God.

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Brother Festus Ferdinand


I was bedeviled with the yoke of epilepsy in 1999, In my trouble state, I have visited many places for healing but all to no avail. It was however like a dream to me when the God of Chosen proved His power in my life by uprooting the spirit of epilepsy from me. I am very excited and thank God of Chosen immensely while simultaneously praying for our Pastor and the whole Chosen members, heaven at last. Praise the Lord!

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Sis. Eyabi Daniel

Port-Harcourt, Nigeria

Praise the Lord I am grateful to God for making me and my family Chosen. I joined Chosen last year, 2012.My son was suffering from epilepsy together with paralysis. I had gone to many places but money could not solve the problems. I eventually came to Chosen and when the G.O prayed, my son was shaking and shaking and after that my son began to walk. When an instruction was given to write seven prayer requests,I wrote my sister's own, including my son’s healing, her means to travel back to Cameroun and the recovery of her brother who has been missing for the past 25 years. And God did not waste time in answering the prayer requests. 1st, my son was healed and the means of travelling back to Cameroun was provided and they had travelled back safely to Cameroun. The last but not the least, my brother that has been missing for 25 years has been found. Finally i pray for our G.O and the family long life and all the Chosen members heaven at last. Chosen praise the Lord

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