Bro. Walter O. Nwankwo

From Dakar- Senegal

I thank God of Chosen for blessing me and my younger brother with baby boys... God of Chosen have been so good to my family since I joined The Lord's Chosen in Senegal. I and my brother got married ending of last year 2008 and God of Chosen blessed each of us with a baby boy... I'm really happy with our Lord God of Chosen. Chosen is the last bus-stop. l believe it from our G. O. I pray heaven at last to our G.O, including our resident Pastor here in Senegal ( PASTOR UDOCHI OKORO) Amen. Posted by Bro. Walter O Nwankwo.

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Bro. Patrick Ogbonna


He testified,'how, after joining the Lords Chosen, God of Chosen granted him salvation.God of Chosen also helped him to complete the building which he was unable to complete a long time in his village, He gave him victory over his enemies and finally blessed him with a miracle car. Chosen praise the Lord.

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Bro. Udeze Ozichukwu Lewis

Plot 102 block 38 lekki phase1 Olajide Olabanji Street off Maruwa bustop. Now in Scotland 2/2 silvergrove street glassgow G40 1DR


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Bro. Dennis Oleh

Sokoto - Nigeria.

I want to testify of the goodness and favour of God in my life and family. God of Chosen made it possible for me to be Special assistant to the Governor of Sokoto state without any formal application or letter. Praise God.

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Bro. Augustine Chukwuma


He is a police superintendent. He testified how he had a problem and was sent out of service in 1996. This lasted for 9 years. Then in December 2003, in Abuja, he had a dream at 1.30am were he was told to join the Lord's Chosen. As he harkened to the command and came to the Lord's Chosen On the programme tittled, "From Sorrow To Joy", the Pastor prayed and he was recalled back to his office. Emphatically he said, it was very difficult for one to be restored back to that same rank if not for God's intervention and he was recalled back after 9 years. Secondly he said he used to lift up her daughter's picture during prayers on service days. Now God of Chosen has granted her daughter admission into the University with Scholarship. Chosen praise the Lord.

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Bro. Chima Okoronkwo

Lagos - Nigeria.

He testified of God's favour in his life. God of Chosen granted him a miracle job without normal interview, no application written. The job was authomatically given to him and he praised God. Chosen is blessed.

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Sis. Favour Nwokolo

Lagos - Nigeria.

she testified how her mother bought the book of signs and wonders of age with N2500.00. Her aunty that was in labour for four days put to bed a bouncing baby boy. Also God of Chosen blessed her family with a miracle car. Chosen praise God.

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momoh mercy

6 ajose street maza-maza lagos

l am thanking God for safe delivery of a bouncing baby boy, and my Managing Director asked me to come and collect terminaion letter but after the pastor's prayer he withdrew the letter. I have resumed work. Chosen praise the lord.

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Bro. Anoumou Nono


I was a drunkard; but the first day l joined Chosen, GOD of Chosen delivered me and exeptionally gave me work in Ecowas. This God promoted me and today,after six months in this ministry,l am a chief of security in Ecowas-lomé. This God who work safely in my life, his name be glorified in jesus name.

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Emmanuel ezejiofor

Ikotun lagos

I want to thank this God for all the good things he has been doing in my life and my family, For keeping us from jaunary to this december, and his favour and upon my life, Healing me from sickness May his name alone be glorified in the name of Jesus

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From Anambra State

Chosen praise the lord. Brethren I want to testify to the goodness of the lord in my life.I joined chosen in the year 2006 when I was in the university.But before I joined chosen,my life was in shambles both academically and financially.I did not know that it was an evil being that was working against me.So,when I joined chosen,our State Pastor in Enugu on one occassion mentioned my case which I claimed and the yoke was broken in my life.Today I have graduated and have also been called to the Nigerian Bar as a Barrister. Secondly,God of chosen delivered me from a terrible road accident along Abuja/Kaduna road.Though many people sustained various degrees of injury,but I came out of the vehicle unhurt. Furthermore,God of chosen really helped me during my N.Y.S.C. programe which I did in the Northern part of the country and equally granted me successful passing out. I pray that this God will continue to bless our General Oversea,all the chosen pastors worldwide and all the chosen members in Jesus Name, Amen.

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Sis. Agnes Uchendu

Pamshkin New Layout, Jos, Nigeria.

I reside in Jos Plateau State. My testimony goes like this. l was into salon business. At a time, The Lord's Chosen came to the area l was operating my business, I was able to listen and hear the Pastor's undiluted word of God as he preached. There and then l made up my mind and surrendered my life to Jesus Christ and also forsake the salon business. Before l knew it my Landlord and the wife gave me quit notice. l was ejected from my shop. I went to the Pastor in Jos for prayers after which he told me that God will grant me another shop. Then it happened that a particular landlord saw my husband and was asked him, if he needed a shop. My husband said yes. He gave us his own shop that was a room and a parlour. We thought he was joking. At the end, that was how God granted us the shop miraculously. Then on a Tuesday Revival Hour, we were in the fellowship and a tanker loaded with fuel caught fire in a filling station and my shop is very close to that filling station but to the glory of God my shop was safe and was not burnt. I thank God of Chosen for all he has done for me and my husband. God of Chosen did not disappoint me. Infact, Chosen is a place to be. I wish our Pastor Heaven at last.

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Bro. Michael ILechukwu

No. 4 Nneokwa Street Oke-Afa, Lagos State, Nigeria.

I joined The Lord's Chosen in August, 2007. I came with load of afflictions, sicknesses all over my body. But as I continued faithfully just as my Pastor used to say, "that continuation brings freedom", I continued and with my Pastor's prayers, before l knew it, all those afflictions were rolled away. Secondly, I had accomodation problem and there was no hope of raising the money to pay for one. God of Chosen went ahead and touched my brother in-law who favoured me with the sum of Three hundred thousand Naira (N300,000). Pastor also declared that we would be favoured with Christmas bonus during our last Combined Service. I received two different phone calls, each asking me to come and collect N10,000. I have gotten N20,000 as a gift and I am grateful unto the God of Chosen. Chosen praise God.

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Bro. Newman Ndaji

Kano State.

I lost my job in a bank early 2005 and I joined The Lord's Chosen in 2006. Immediately I joined Chosen, things began to turn around positively for me. I followed the footsteps of a friend of mine who joined Chosen, Joined the baptismal class, became a worker and enjoyed marvelous divine turn-around after he lost his job. He later got an employment in an oil company which he is not qualified for. I too joined the baptismal class and shortly, received a job offer of which I accepted. After a while, my former employers called me back to have back my job which I could not believe my eyes. In July this year, the bank also recalled me and posted me to one of the branches in the Northern states. I am thanking God for the numerous testimonies given to me since I joined this ministry. I also thank God for the healing of acute intestine ulcer , chronic waist pain and other sicknesses quite beyond my control and God of Chosen also delivered me from an occultic house. I give praise to this God of Chosen. Praise the Lord.

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Bro. Ndubuisi Nwachukwu

No.42 Akadoso Ajegunle, Apapa, Lagos State. Nigeria.

Contact with the God of chosen has put smiles on my face. l wish to thank God for using my younger brother to favour me with the sum of N230,000. lt was the first time l experienced favour in my life. Before then, l never knew what was favour. l thank God l am a chosen. Praise the Lord.

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Bro. Chinwe John

85 Lamgbasa Road, Ajah Lekki, Lagos. Nigeria.

I joined Chosen in September 2007. Around July 2007, prior to my joining Chosen, l had numerous problems that plagued me all-roundedly. Having completed my University Education and the National Youth Service, l was full of aspirations as a young man. However, l observed there were a lot of blockages here and there, virtually all the things l laid my hands on never worked. I was hardly successful at job interviews. I did a part-time job as a lecturer in a University. I was owed for one year and nothing came out of the endeavour. Things began to happen as I joined Chosen in September, 2007. The first thing I did was to get involved in the affairs of the Church. I keyed into the Pastor’s words of, that continuity brings freedom. I also devoted my time towards working for God in His vineyard. In return, God began to favour me greatly this year. First, I revisited a visa application that was turned down in 2009 in my new status as a Chosen. I am glad to announce that this year, in between the months of May and July I applied for an overseas University. Admission was granted to me in United Kingdom. In the month of July, I sowed a seed of N5,000.00. In return I received a favour of N603,000.00. After the last crusade we had “That Yoke Must Break” in November, 2009. I packaged and submitted my documents at the Embassy for a visa. Our Pastor had declared that the visa would be granted within two weeks. Within 9 days, multiple visa was approved for me. Someththing happened yesterday that I must testify. As our Pastor prayed yesterday, releasing financial blessings on us, I keyed into his prophetic declaration. I told God that l needed sponsorship in respect of the travelling visa he provided for me. As l reached home yesterday, l received a phone call about 9 p.m, and a finacial favour of N150,000.00 was extended to me. I thank this God of Chosen who delivered me from the claws of hardship and launched me into the arena of favour. I keyed into the word of God in matt. 6:33 that we should first seek the kingdom of God and that all other things would be added onto us. It has really worked for me. Praise the Lord.

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Bro. Lawrence O.

Oshodi, Lagos State.

I want to thank God for His blessings upon my life. God of Chosen favoured me with a bus after sowing a seed of faith in accordance with the Pastor’s directive and instruction. It happened that Pastor has been calling for support to the transport section of the church and I have been obeying that command. This last month, he said whosoever will sow a seed or support the transport that God will provide for that person with his or her own vehicle and I claimed it. I want to say that today, God of Chosen has blessed me with my own bus. I thank God for His divine blessings and favour upon my life in Jesus name. Praise the Lord.

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Bro. Lambert Nwafor


I am thanking God for making me a Chosen. I want to testify how I came to The Lord’s Chosen Church. I was formally a member of popular fire fire church. In that church, I went for deliverance and under that deliverance, heaven opened and as I looked towards Heaven, I saw the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries. That was during the preparation for the Port-Harcourt crusade. As I joined the Lord’s Chosen, I followed them to Port-Harcourt. I slept and Heaven opened again and I saw the Pastor of my former church, he said I should push wheel barrow and our Pastor was standing with seven other Pastors wearing their suits and our General Pastor here gave me a cutlass that I should be cutting grass and immediately I woke up from that dream. While I was still contemplating, a voice told me to go to my village and start evangelism. Meanwhile, when our Pastor showed me that cutlass, he said I should cut the grass to finish, and I will see the blessing of God. As I heard that voice, I did accordingly. I have planted a church, The Lord’s Chosen in my village and my mother who was a choir leader in another church is now a Chosen and a woman leader in that branch. Also, the Pastor said we should buy aprons and share to people and I bought five aprons and shared to people. Behold, God of Chosen visited me. For some time now I have been jobless but after sharing those aprons to people, God granted me a miracle job. I thank God of Chosen for what he has done in my life. I wish my Pastor more anointing and everyone of us heaven at last . To God be the glory.

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Tonderai Washington muswaka



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Dennis Anudu


I want to thank the God of Chosen for his great love, tender mercies and favour upon my life. Firstly, I want to glorify God for bringing me to Malaysia to study and making me find favour amongst men. Secondly, my stay here has not resulted to any sickness or accident. The Lord has being keeping me safe, my going out and coming in is blessed. Finally, I want to pray for our Pastor Lazarus Muoka, may the Almighty God, the Supreme Being keep, protect and preserve your ministry. Heaven at last to my Pastor and all my brethren in Nigeria. God bless.

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Bro. Chijioke Ikwunna

Iba, Lagos State, Nigeria.

In the year 2008, there was a programme held in The Lord’s Chosen which I attended. My prayer request then was that God would provide accommodation for me. Indeed, God provided me with the accommodation. Secondly, as I came then I did hear instruction from the pulpit that when armed robbers attack a brother, he should tell them that he is a Chosen. So, one fateful day I boarded a vehicle to my place of business. Incidentally, I did not know I have entered into a wrong vehicle. When I looked around, I saw a Chosen sister. When they began their operation, the sister was continuously shouting that she is a Chosen. I also joined in that shouting that I am a Chosen. At first they collected all my belongings, money, internationals passport e.t.c. the sister started to shout that,"I am a Chosen" from a crusade at Onitsha I joined her in saying so. Thereafter they returned all my belongings and that of the sister. Today, I want to give glory, honour and adoration to God because my family and I are now full Chosen. In my heart, I feel fulfilled. Thank you Jesus!

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Bro & Sis. Chidubem Chukwuezi

Lagos, Nigeria

I want to thank God for granting my wife safe delivery of twins. The devil raised his ugly head on the day of delivery, but God showed himself mightier than all. Today, we are dedicating the twin babies in this service. Secondly, I made and redeemed a pledge of N100, 000 sometime last year. I also launched the book, “Signs and Wonders of the Age” with N5, 000. I am glad to testify that God has favoured me with a parcel of land in Ejigbo, Lagos. I am grateful for these visitations of the God of Chosen. Praise the Lord!

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Brother Augustine Anakpo

Okene, Kogi State, Nigeria.

I joined The Lord’s Chosen in February 2009. In July 2009, the crusade that was held here (Lagos) titled "Time for God to prove his power" I was in attendance. Shortly after joining The Lord’s Chosen, my state Pastor blessed me with the 'Signs and Wonders of Age' book. By then, I had not known the importance of the book. It was during the crusade, that members were giving testimonies about the book that I realised the importance and value of the book. Later, our Pastor challenged us to buy the book and extend it to our loved ones and friends. By the grace of God, I bought one. I had somebody in mind and as I was going home,I branched to his place and gave it to him. By the grace of God, on 20th of that July, 2009, the Lord favoured and blessed me with a Nissan car. Apart from that, before the Mgbidi crusade of 2010, I was negotiating over a landed property I was to buy. During that Mgbidi crusade, when our Pastor mounted the pulpit, he said we should write about seven prayer requests which I wrote and the land issue was inclusive. A day after, a friend called me and told me that there was a land he wanted me to buy but I told him I was far away. I told him that I was in Imo state for my church crusade. By the time I went back after the crusade, the Lord gave me that land. Not only that the Lord gave me the land, around March 2010, we started developing it and to the glory of God, the building had reached roofing level. I thank this God who has done all these for me; may His name be highly praised in Jesus name. I wish our Pastor heaven at last. Praise the Lord!

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Nwosu Justice Uchechukwu.

No 112, Main Street, 14th Floor, JHB2000. South Africa.

My name is Nwosu Justice Uchechukwu, held from Mbaise Imo state Nigeria, now livng in South Africa. I want to give the testimony of what the God of Chosen did to me before l left Nigeria to South Africa in 2007. I came to The Lord Chosen in July 2005 and the first day l came to Chosen the Pastor asked the new comers to write three things they will want The God of Chosen to do for them and come with it on new comers followship on Wednessday. That l wrote on my Mother's illness who was about to go for a major operation on her leg, I write about her Illness and ask God of Chosen to heal her for her not to go for that major operation. secondly l wrote on my cousin who was in jail in Austra for The God of Chosen to release him for he promise to take me with him in Europe. And thirdly I wrote about myself for God of chosen to grant me a favour to travel aboard. The God of Chosen answered all these prayers as he heal my mother and till today 2010 she did not go for that operation, my cousin in Europe was released from the prison and my elder sister called me that she has a contact for me to go to South Africa and she will sponsor my travelling and now I am living in South Africa. Sorry that I was unable to give these testmonies before living to South Africa in 2007 and have delayed this testimonies for 4 year now l pray God of chosen to forgive me and grant me my expectation in my business in energy Comomdity here in South Africa. I thank the God of Chosen for these miracles in my life and l pray that God of Chosen will grant our Pastor more anoiting to win and save many souls to His kingdom.

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Brother Muyiwa Amodu

Maryland, Lagos Nigeria

God showered blessings upon me after I have accepted our Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal saviour. It happened that I attended service in The Lord's Chosen during the 2008 edition of the programme titled, "And The Enemies Submitted". As I came to the Programme and heard the message of salvation, I accepted Jesus Christ and jettisoned all the sins I have been commiting. The first day I came back from the service, all my friends gathered and started asking me where I went. I replied that I attended crusade at The Lord's Chosen. They told me that the Pastor of The Lord's Chosen performs magic. He tells people to come with white handkerchief and he will be performing magic. All my efforts to explain to them that it is the power of God that manifested in the ministry, failed. They all said that if I would continue to worship in The Lord's Chosen that I should no longer come close to them as their friend. I told them that nothing will make me stop worshipping God in The Lord's Chosen Ministry.I kept on attending service in the ministry. God granted me choice employment. Two months after I came to The Lord's Chosen and my parting with my worldly friends, God granted me a job in an organisation. I work for them as a child of God. One day, the owner of the company called me and told me that God has been blessing the company since I joined them. He promoted me to the second in command in the comapny. God granted me an accomodation of my choice. I have been having an accomodation problem but as I came to The Lord's Chosen and prayed to God, I secured a room and parlour self-contained apartment. Today, all those people who said I should no longer be their friends because of my decision to worship in The Lord's Chosen Ministry call me their chairman anywhere they see me. I am grateful unto God for his blessings upon my life. To God be the glory!

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Pastor Davison George

Aba, Abia State

I was once a persecutor of The Lord's Chosen, but today a Chosen indeed. I want to thank the Lord for His mercy and goodness upon my life, for giving me understanding and for finally granting me the rare privilege to be a Chosen. I am happy and proud to be one. It is unbelievable that after attacking and persecuting this Church, I have become a Chosen myself. Ignorantly sometime ago, I was discouraged and persecuted my wife for attending The Lord's Chosen. Like I said, I was a castigator of The Lord's Chosen because I could not buy the idea of my wife fellowshiping with another church while I was pastoring a church. I did not approve of it at all. I expected her to be where I was but she would not because of The Lord's Chosen. Immediately she found herself here, she would not let go. I did a lot at that time to discourage her but she would not be perturbed. I fought her, threw her belongings out but this could not stop her also. At another time, I asked her to choose between The Lord's Chosen and myself. Her choice was clear as she told me to my face: it is true that you are my husband, but my choice is God, and so, it is The Lord's Chosen." I thought that she was joking but she was not. I thought again that something was wrong with her but she was completely in her right senses. I did not know that God was watching. In my dream one night after I fought my wife, I saw two jets in the air one was big and the other, small. Suddenly, the big one bent and swallowed the smaller jet. Here, I did not need a soothsayer to interpret this dream to me. The Lord's Chosen is the bigger jet and every other church including mine put together was the smaller jet. Without much ado, like they say, I took an instant decision and declared for The Lord's Chosen. I am a proper and proud Chosen today. I am enjoying a relationship with the Almighty God like I never did in my life for many years of being a Minister of the gospel. I am enjoying my marriage greatly also. I thank God so much for intervening in my marriage and for this privilege. I thank Him also for the life of His servant. I pray for more anointing, strenght, power, wisdom and understanding, in Jesus name.

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Sister Esther Chukwu

Sango Ota, Ogun state, Nigeria

I want to thank God of Chosen for granting me favour. It all happened like this, ‘After loosing my 31 year old son, before then, I used to worship with another ministry but people advised me to go to The Lord’s Chosen. As I joined The Lord’s Chosen Ministry my husband and children all deserted me, none of them cared whether I eat or not, whether I am dying or living. At this time to eat was a big problem. I will only buy Lipton tea, one sachet of milk, these are all I could afford to eat in a whole day. In spite of this I decided to serve God. I kept on going for morning cry every day. One day, I was reading my Bible and a voice told me that it is only God that will solve my problem. At this time, I was living alone, nobody called me on phone. Nobody knew I was existing, my hope was only on God. A day came, my son called me on phone and told me that he will be giving me thirty thousand naira every month. He did it for three months, another day, he called me and said that someone will come and take me to an Estate agent who will show me the house and land. The boy came as appointed and took me to one house agent. The agent showed me a plot of land. He took me to another one and then to a third one. This third agent showed me a plot of land that was already under development. The structure is a story building and it has been built to lintel level. There is a borehole in the compound. My son bought the property for me at the cost of 2.5Million Naira. He also gave me N100, 000. The suffering of the past has been forgotten, God has blessed me through my son. To God is the glory.

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I want to thank the God of chosen for grantıng me a vısıtıng vısa to vısıt my elder brother and the famıly ın holland soon.I say the God that did this let hıs name alone be lıfted hıgh.

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Sunday Ekele

19 Habicherlgasse Top 24 1160 Vienna . Austria

Dear brothers and sisters I want to share the goodness of the Lord on me with you, it goes this way. I finished my Secondary School with no good result to further. So my parents and everybody around me saw me as good for nothing until God kataported me out of the Country. Now they see me as somebody. It's the Lords doing. l thank the Lord for his mercies upon me. I pray that He will put me in a position to help people around me.

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Enemuo Phina

no 31 dipo olubi street, surulere. Lagos

I want to thank the God of chosen for blessing me with a life partner and miraclously provide resources for My MBA school fees at manacherster business school. Praise the Lord.

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Awah Precious n

81 obodoukw rd, onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.

I wrote a prayer request last time I visted the web site for God to help me to locate a new place that I will established my school and money for the payment and now my God has done it. Praise the Lord. Amen

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Opeyemi Adefioye

Trinity house,Erin Osun

I thank God for granting me visa to study in scotland.I sent this prayer request and the Lord of chosen answered me.

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nwaokoro ikechukwu

21 unity crescent akesan igando lagos, Nigeria

At my place of work I have not been promoted for six years to my next line. During the crusade the titled "And the Enemies submitted", pastor said all those that has been denied of promotion will get promotion, then i claimed it. Behold the Lord of chosen promoted me to the second line which is deputy manager. God of chosen is great.

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Brother Peter T. Piello

Victoria Island, Lagos State.

I joined Chosen 2009. Recently, I had serious financial problem that I could not pay my children’s school fees. I decided to sell my motor–cycle (Bike) to raise the money, but God of Chosen stopped it. Miraculously, someone favoured me with the sum of N180,000. Again, I had a parcel of land for sale in my village, but I was not getting good offers. The best offers I received were between N250,000 and N300,000. In one of our services here, the Pastor prayed along that line. He said that those of us with property for sell would experience God’s favour beyond our expectations. I told God I wanted the land sold for N500,000. That same day, a brother called from home to confirm that the land had been sold for that amount—N500,000. Praise God!

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Favour Onyeka

Ore, Ondo State

I thank God for making me and my family Chosen. I want to thank God for what he has done for me. When I was coming for publicity, my mother called me and said we ( my sister and I ) should provide her with N50,000 to take care of some pressing need. I told my mother who said I should leave the publicity and go for my business so as to give her money. I told my mother that I had already prepared for the publicity and there is no going back. Then I called her and told her to receive something from me. I told her that the angel of my pastor will provide that money for you. I asked her whether she believed me. She said yes. My daughter I claim it”. So I left, this happened on 28th October in preparation for the programme “Women Thou Hast Found Favour With God”. When Pastor was praying for favour for women, I was also praying, and presenting my case to God. I did not know that God had already gone there to do the miracle. After the prayer, we went for publicity and I left my phone at home, when I came back, I saw two missed calls from my phone and it was my mother, I flashed her and she called me and asked where I have been. I told her I went for the publicity, she asked me whether I sent the money or give anybody money for her? I said may be the angel of my pastor has given you the money. My mother told me that the angel of my Pastor has given her the money. Then I asked my mother, how much did he (angel) give to you. She said at about 5:00 a.m. somebody in white apparel came to our house and gave her N50,000. I asked her how did he give you the money? She said the person (angel) said this is the money you requested from your daughter. So she decided to call me and asked me whether I was the one that sent him. I said that is the angel of my Pastor that brought the money to you. Brethren whenever you are asking or expecting something from God, have faith in God. He is able to do all things. I wish all Chosen members and our Pastor heaven at last. Praise the Lord!

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I thank God of Chosen for blessing me everyday,since l entered this country septermber 2009, GOD of Chosen has been blessing me,He never let me down, my life is forward ever and backward never, Pastor says that we should degree a thing and that it will be established unto us. I thank GOD of Chosen for making a way where there seemth to be no way for me. My life is a life of favour and miracles from GOD. o God be glory in Jesus Name.

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Sister Onyinye/Sister Chidinma Iwuoha

Gbagada- Lagos

This is the doing of the Lord and it is marvelous in our eyes. We are Sisters Onyinye and Chidinma Iwuoha. Our husbands are twins. We reside at Gbagada Estate, Phase 11. We want to thank God for granting us two miracle jeeps, baby boy also was granted. It happened like this, “During Christmas crusade, our husbands promised us that surprises were coming our way, that we should pray harder. So we were praying, we did not know what the surprises were jeep vehicles. They just said there was something miraculous that would happen on our way. So I came to church in that December crusade and bought the book ‘Signs and Wonders of the Age’. Then I wrote a prayer request on a small piece of paper and put it inside. I said God, I don’t know what the surprise is all about, but God should intervene. So this January, they came home one fateful day and called us outside to see something. We were surprised, what could it be? They said we should be running. When we came out, we saw two brand new Land Cruiser Prado Jeeps (tear nylon). So brethren, please join us to glorify the name of the Lord. The God of Chosen is wonderful. Sister Chidinma also speaks: I am also thanking God for blessing me with a bouncing baby boy. I am here today to dedicate the baby boy. Praise the Lord!

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Doris Acquah


I want to thank the God of Chosen for confirming the word of his Messenger upon my life as a Prophesy last year. Last Year, I Got a Miracle job and God of Chosen granted me a Husband of my own Choice. Thirdly, God of Chosen granted me the fruit of the womb all in a Year. Very soon I will put to Bed my Baby. My Prayer for my daddy in the Lord is that GOD will continue to strenght him, give him an Angelic body, protect his family and that no weapon fashioned/formed against him shall prosper. And l wish all Chosen members and Pastors HEAVEN AT LAST.

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Sister Margaret Oparanze

Minnesota, U.S.A.

I joined The Lord’s Chosen in 2003 and since that time, I have been a Chosen. I came back from U.S.A. on 30th of January, on a fateful Sunday and I thank the God of Chosen for the journey mercies he granted me and I met my family peacefully. I am also happy for the opportunity to give this testimony. In another development, the God of Chosen has helped us to open a branch in Minnesota (U.S.A.). Before this branch was opened, I was the leader of the house care fellowship and God used me miraculously. In the year 2005, I saw the glory of God upon my life and told one of our Pastors, he said God wants to use me in that place. The place is very cold and I told the Pastor I didn’t want to stay there but he counseled otherwise. Later I called our General Pastor and he prayed for me and anointed me as a leader since that day, the power of Cod came upon my life and signs and wonders were happening. Even in the house care fellowship, barren women do conceive and to the glory of God, our church is in the last stage of registration. And God is using our Pastor and co-ordinator over there mightily. Our branch in Minnesota is the only place in U.S.A. where we pay lowest, we pay S140 dollars a month, other places in U.S.A. pay between 300 and 600 dollars respectively. I know that the finger of God is upon me. Wherever I go, signs and wonders follow me. There is a Reverened that has a television station and he promised that our Pastor will be preaching on television. Moreover, one of our brethren was deported to this country for three years but God of Chosen brought him back and he is a member of the church now. There is great awareness of this church over there. God has seen me through many afflictions. A demonic ring was projected into me but God of Chosen uprooted and sent it packing . I have other testimonies but give next time, I counsel you, Chosen members to continue because continuity beings freedom and will lead you to heaven at last. I pray heaven at last for our Pastor. Praise the Lord!

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Obi Anayo Michael

Arendal Norway

I am a full member of the Lords Chosen in Nigeria before I left 2008 to Norway and continue my fellowship over here and God of Chosen has been so faithfull to me and my wife and children that I left in Nigeria, first,He granted safe delivery to my wife for my daughter who I have not seen physically but pictures, and had given me victory over a court case that I was forcefully accused of, also favour and promotion in my place of work, may this good God that has done all these to me and my family do it also in all the Chosen members and families and heaven at last to my [GO]and all the Chosen ones in Jesus name, Amen.

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1. In 1st of January, 2011, during the New year service the Pastor in the course of his preaching that day, gave a prophecy from the Almighty God that God would give us surprises this year. In confirmation of God's word, my own surprises began that very day by my miraculously meeting someone I had not seen for a long time and he gave me a favour. 2.To re-confirm to me that this year has been cut out for great surprises in my life, by 2nd of January that is the second day, just to pay a warm visit to my younger brother who just got married in December at his resident in Ikorodu, God directed me to the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. A graduate of accountancy, University of Nigeria Nsukka. This has been a long time desire of my heart. To God alone be all the glory in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 3.Again, the Lord healed me of BLOOD urination and pains in my private part after the Pastor's prayer. 4. The Lord also healed my mother of arrow of poison which would have led to amputation of her legs. 5. I thank God for all the battles HE has been fighting for my family. This very God oF the Chosen ones who has been doing these great things and many others that I have not mentioned here, may His name alone be magnified in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen. My prayer for the pastor is that his unction will continue to rise like an ocean and may all his enemies continue to fall for his sake in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Chosen is blessed.

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Mphahlele Mokganyetji Stephina

103 Ngala Street Lotus Garden Pretoria 0001

My testimony goes like this. I attended the last Crusade in Johannesburg last year 2011. l requested the God of chosen to help my children pass their studies they both passed. My first daughter is currently doing second year in university of Johannesburg and my second born is doing grade 12. 3. l also requested the God of Chosen to replace my daugther's lost cell phone and laptop, in deed l received an unexpected money for the amount of R1214.22 and R3527.77. which was enough to purchase cell phone and laptop. I replaced the cell phone and l am currently going to replace laptop. l thank the God of Chosen for every thing He has done in my life.

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Usen Bassey Jonah

36 calabar rd ikang bakassi lga cross river state

God granted me accomoddtion since 2007 without paying any money.

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Innocent Ikedife

Brisbane, Australia

1, I give ALL glory and honour to Almighty God for granting me permanent employment. 2, Also for granting me permanent resident visa in Australia. To Him,I give All the thanks.....Praise Him with me for He is a convernent keeping, and Faithful God.........I give Him my thanks and praises through JESUS CHRIST my Lord......Amen.

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Bro Tony Mbah

Houston Texas,United States

I Just want to thank and Appreciate This God Of Chosen For Blessing Me with Bus..I have been presenting this request to God and He fulfilled This after our online crusade with the G O during the church inauguration at Dallas,Texas...I wish my G O, My Family And Every Chosen member world wide heaven At Last In Jesus Name.....

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Kingsley Edeh

29 Nworah street Awada Obosi, Onitsha Anambra State.

I joined The Lords Chosen in August 2007 in a program in Onitsha. The program was titled PASSING THROUGH THE VALLEY OF BACCA. On 2010 I travelled to Malaysia, before I travelled, I loaded Chosen prayer card on my phone. Every morning I keep on receiving prayers and prophetic words on my phone. One of the messages say's (As God made Joseph overseer in Egypt so he will make you a champion where ever you go). All the messages keep on coming as if the person that was sending the massage knew I was about to travel. All the prophetic words happened in my life in Malaysia. I want to give thanks to God Almighty who made me a Chosen. Praise master Jesus.

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Sister Chioma Ndubueze


I thank God for making me a Chosen. This is my testimony: God delivered me from living in an uncompleted building with my family for 21 years. Now God has blessed my family with 3 – bedroom flat. Moreover, God blessed me with brand new car. Moreover, God also healed me from terrible scratching. At Mgbidi 2013, G.O mentioned the case and prayed and the scratches disappeared. Now am free. I thank God for His goodness in my life and family. I pray for my G.O and all the Chosen members heaven at last in Jesus name. Praise the Lord!

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Chikanma Prince Orji

Palace Way Abaranje Ikotun Lagos

I want to thank the God of Chosen for making me a landlord here in Lagos l have been believing God for this since 2010 but today God have done it, it happened that l bought my land this year and still built two flats on that land after making some pledges to the God of Chosen, indeed brethren it calls for joy, to God be the glory alone and l pray heaven at last for our General Pastor and entire Chosen members worldwide.

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Emaka Ndubisi


God of Chosen has done it again. The contract that I have been waiting for has been awarded and I have now finished the building of my first house in Lagos. Praise the Lord.

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