Bro. Fedinard Anim

Maiduguri - Borno State.

My name is Bro. Fedinard Anim. I reside in Maiduguri. I so much appreciate the Name of The Lord for healing me. I was bedridden since January 2009, making it 9 months now. I was admitted in General Hospital Onitsha. It was from the hospital l was carried to this Onitsha Crusade titled "TIME FOR GOD TO PROVE HIS POWER". Where l was on the crusade ground, as the Pastor mounted the pulpit and was praying, calling on those that cannot make use of their body to rise up and walk, suddenly the power of God hit me l jumped out and started walking. I have not been using my body but God of Chosen healed me and l have started walking about. This is what l have not been doing for a long time. I give God all the Praise. Chosen Praise the Lord.

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Bro. Francis C. Nwachukwu

Mbaise, Imo State Nigeria

God proveD his power in my life as he healed me of paralysis that kept me bedridden for three good years. I suddenly became paralyzed to the extent I could no longer stand up or walk around. I was in the bed for the past three years, it was there I stay to eat, pass feaces, urinate and sleep. In all these years, the treatment administered on me could not heal me of the paralysis. One of my sons who is a member of The Lord’s Chosen Ministry told me about the Mgbidi crusade and told me to prepare that he was coming to take me to the crusade. He came and with the help of one of my brother’s wives they brought me to the crusade ground. When Pastor prayed, and mentioned the case, I claimed it and the power of God touched me, strength came upon me and I stood up from where I was lying. Since that time, I became free, healed and able to walk about on my own even without walking stick. In a similar development, God healed me of diabetes I have suffered for over 12 months. It was also in the Mgbidi crusade that the Pastor mentioned the case, prayed and I became healed. Before the crusade, I urinate up to five times in the night. In the day time it is uncountable. But as the power of God touched me and cured me of the sickness. I have urinated just twice since yesterday. God healed me of the sickness. I am grateful to God for his divine healing upon my life. Chosen praise the Lord.

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