John Maxwell.

Kaduna State.

I joined this great ministry in 2009. On my way from Kaduna to the Eastern part of Nigeria, we ran into armed robbers deen. They shot the driver and the conductor. They ordered all passengers in the vehicle to come down. When it was my turn to come down, I declared my identity to them. I told them “I am a Chosen” x3. Brethren to my surprise, though not completed unexpected, the robber said, “Chosen man, stand at the other side”. These robbers ransacked all the other passengers’ bags and baggages, they used machete on some others, collected their valuables but they neither touched me nor my bag. One of those robbers, a very stubborn one and I think a doubting Thomas wanted to know the secret of the Chosen. He came from my back unknowingly to me and tried to stab me from the back. God of Chosen still proved that he created every weapon. The dagger could not penetrate. Praise the Lord! At that point I declared loudly, “I am a Chosen”x3. “Who are you?”, “God of my Pastor, where are you?”. Before I could complete this declaration, the robbers ran into the bush and that was how this great God delivered me from the dare devil robbers. Praise the Lord! I wish my Pastor heaven at last and all the Chosen worldwide heaven at last in Jesus name.

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Brother Sunday Udoh

Ajao, Lagos, Nigeria.

I joined Chosen in 2004 and since then I have not looked back. I am grateful to God for making me and my family Chosen indeed. Moreover, I thanked God for turning our sorrow to joy in our branch at Agbado. I was sent on official duty in Ekiti State. I left on 16th February 2013 for that duty and after the duty, on my way back, with his private car, I had encounter with the armed robbers. I ran into them as I was negotiating a sharp bend. As soon as they surrounded me, I declared to them that I am a Chosen 3 times and asked them who they were. One of them still went ahead and shot me, I just heard a sound and nothing else. In an attempt to shoot again, the armed-robber’s gun damaged. They used matchet on me yet it did not penetrate. They ransacked my car looking for money and other valuables but God of Chosen blind folded them and they could not see close to N20,000 that was in that car. Already there was Chosen apron, Bible, stickers etc in that car and so God used these things to blind their eyes. At the end, when they saw that they could not succeed, they helped me to gather my belongings they scattered on the ground and put back in my car and told me to go. Brethren, that was how God saved me from the dare devil robbers. I advised the new comers to continue and they would see signs and wonders. Finally, I pray for our G.O and all Chosen members heaven at last in Jesus name. Amen. Chosen Praise the Lord!

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Sister Chika Daniel

Lagos, Nigeria.

I am grateful to God for making me a Chosen. I'm thanking God for His protection upon me last Wednesday as l was going to market, I fell into the hands of armed robbers. They confronted me and under gun point to surrender the money in my bag but i looked at them with disdain and then declared that "l am a Chosen" (3x) and then asked the robbers who they were? One of the robbers said “Ah let us leave her ooo”. That was how they left me. I am grateful to God for saving me. I prayed for the G.O and all the Chosen worldwide, heaven at last in Jesus name. Amen Praise the Lord!

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Sister Ngozi Chukwudi

Kaduna State

She is thanking God for making her and her family Chosen. In her testimony, she said that God of Chosen saved them from the hands of armed robbers that came to attack them with gun and matchets. She said they came on a fateful Wednesday night. They heard a big bang on their door that Wednesday the next they saw was the armed robbers. The robbers came in and pointed the gun on her husband and told him to bring the money. The husband asked them, which money? Quickly he said he is a Chosen 3 x and asked them who they were? By this time sister Ngozi had brought out two aprons. She gave her husband one and held one. Then she began to sing where is the God of my Pastor power? Lo and behold, the robbers ran away. They eventually went to another house, robbed them, beat them up and left. She advised the brethren to continue because Chosen is the right place and God of Chosen is ready to fight all our battles. In conclusion she prayed for the G.O and all the Chosen worldwide, heaven at last in Jesus name. Praise the Lord!

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Bro. Mark Chuks Nwaedozie

Okpanam, Delta State State

I was save FROM CRIMINALITY TO CHRISTIANITY I'm grateful to God for transforming of my life and exorcising the spirit of armed robbery from me. In 1991, I graduated from apprenticeship of mechanical training but did not see any work to do and so I went into robbery. For about 7 years, I was into this evil act. In 2006, I was a smoker, fornicator, womanizer and engaged in other evils. One fateful day, I was in Ejigbo field with my friends smoking, then one other person also came to join us in that field to smoke and as we were smoking the boy was telling us that there is this church at Ijesha, that if you go there, the man of God will tell you all you are doing that is not good and you will not get yourself. l made up my mind that I would attend the church one day. At last I came and when I came, I had the opportunity of sitting in front of the pulpit. After hearing the preaching of the man of God that day, I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. Any time I wanted to go out, I would be troubled concerning the message I had already heard. I now called my boss and reported to him the preaching of the man of God at Ijesha, my boss told me that he had been to Ijesha, that I should leave that thing. I said no! That if we had gone to Ijesha, let us give our lives to Christ and stop all these evils. My boss insisted l should forget about Chosen; thus I was confuse. The next time I came to Chosen in that 2006, the man of God kept on saying “you that is an armed-robber, if you keep on going out to rob, you will have problem.” I told my boss again and made him understand that I want to stop. My boss threatened that if i try it, he would kill me. Firstly my boss said he would go to my area and expose me and tell everybody that I'm an armed robber, I was afraid but I kept coming to Chosen, and the man of God continued with the message. At times I would go for operation with my gang but I would not partake in the sharing of the booty because of the message from the man of God. One fateful morning, I was called and informed that a trailer knocked my boss down ie the head of the armed robber at Ijesha bus stop and I was sore afraid and thought to myself, may be this is how God wants to save him. In 2008 I (Mark) stopped going for operation but I was still afraid because I thought that others would expose me. I came back to my State – Asaba Delta State and totally surrendered my life to Christ because there is a branch of Chosen at Okpanam. Now I'm a worker in Chosen to the glory of God. I'm grateful to God because among all the members of my group, I'm the only last man standing, others have all died. I pray for the G.O and all the Chosen worldwide, heaven at last in Jesus name. Praise the Lord!

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