Sister Onyinye Ijeh

Yobe State

She is thanking God for making her and her family Chosen and granting her genuine salvation. In her testimony, she said the enemy vowed that she would not carry a baby in her hands but God of Chosen frustrated that device. She got married in the year 2007 and she took in immediately, and on reaching nine months of the pregnancy, the baby died in her womb. She went through cesarean section. Since then, no conception again. Devil afflicted her with terrible waist pain, hotness of the body and moving object especially in her womb. Because of this problem she ran helter-skelter, went to many hospitals seeking for solution but to no avail. She has also visited many men of God for prayer but all effort was in vain. However, as soon as she joined this great movement and Pastor prayed for her, all the afflictions varnished away. Moreover and most importantly God of Chosen visited her with the baby in her hands, when she took in for this her baby devil began to throw arrows upon arrows but God of Chosen did not allow the arrows to penetrate. She carried the pregnancy through to nine months. When it was time for her to be delivered doctor said she could only be delivered through C.S because according to them, the baby was bridged and the baby was also very big, and in fact, no cervix for her to be delivered. She disagreed with the doctor’s report because she so much believes in God’s report. Then she called G.O and he prayed for her and after that prayer, within five minutes, the baby came out. Before they could know what was happening, she was delivered sound and safe. However, as she was delivered of her baby, her placenta refused to come out. The nurses and doctors tried all they could to see that the placenta came out but no way. At this juncture she remembered the counsel of the G.O that anytime we encounter problem, we should that we are Chosen and ask the danger who are you? She began to declare that she is a Chosen and added where is the God of my Pastor? Lo and behold the placenta jump out with force. God of Chosen is wonderful. May all the glory, honour, and adoration be ascribed to him in Jesus name. Finally she prayed for the G.O and all the Chosen members heaven at last in Jesus name. Praise the Lord!

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Sister Pricilla Ezeh

Abulegba (Duru Abiodun),Lagos, Nigeria

Am thanking God for making Chosen. I am gaving this testimony on behalf of my mother Sister Victoria Onubueze. My mother took ill. It was really a terrible sickness. In fact the sickness was to the point of death, that made one of her daughters to go to the East and bring her to Lagos.I was to bring her mother to the crusade, Chosen was about to organize that time, however, before we could bring our mother to Lagos, the crusade was over. Eventually I brought her to the combined service of that month, 29th Oct. 2012. After the service of that fateful day, they have been coming. The sickness ranged from diabetes, she could fill custard-rubber with urine before day break. She had HBP, ulcer, there was also a growth on her leg, she also had a Chronic cough. Because of all these, they have been coming and one fateful Thursday in December, Pastor was praying and mentioning cases and towards the end of the service he mentioned my mother’s case. Before that day, something was hooking my mother at her back, that made her not to stand up very well, even when she stands up, she could not stand for a long time. That fateful Thursday, Pastor spotted the case by word of knowledge and said “that arrow in that woman’s chest I return it back to sender.” Immediately I heard the declaration, I claimed it for my mother and told her to place her hand on her chest. After service that day, as we were going home, mama confessed that she could not see the pains again. We thought her feelings was just deceiving her and so we waited for three days tasting the body and truly God has taken it away. Immediately that arrow was sent back to sender, the diabetes, HBP, ulcer, etc. all disappeared. Brethren, before, she came to Chosen she has gone to a lot of places, spent a lot of money but all to no avail, as soon as i brought her to Chosen, everything disappeared. She had suffered these afflictions for six years, three years and twenty years respectively. God of Chosen is wonderful. I pray for our Pastor and all the Chosen members heaven at last in Jesus name…Amen!

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Bro. John Isaac

Kontangora Niger-State, Nigeria

I joined Chosen in the year 2010. Firstly I thank God for making me a Chosen. Secondly on a Thursday service when our General Pastor preached on a message "wonders of old", God healed me of heart and lung issues that has lasted over two years. While that heart issue lasted, I could not stay under Fan or Air Conditioner if I stayed in such place, it would be difficult for me to breathe. I was always on drugs but after that healing till now, I have been walking around under cold without any problem. Moreover in another Thursday service where the General Pastor preached on a message ‘CALL IT TO REALITY’. After that message, I prayed and said handset, I call you to reality. In answer to that prayer, last Friday, God favoured me with a Phone. Finally, I pray for my General Overseer and all the Chosen worldwide Heaven at Last in Jesus Name. Praise the Lord!

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DOUALA CAMEROON 00237 77495224

Dear sir and beloved labouring together with Daddy, the man of God. I am not a member of Chosen but a friend to the ministry and love all that God is doing in this great Ministry.Daddy was praying on the Television, during when my child was seriously sick and l had done all l could to no avail and l was afraid of what next to do, when God's servant was praying, l just stretched my hand towards him and after that prayer, l went to my wife and told her that it is over because the Spirit of the lord strongly ministered to me that it is over and the same night, my wife went back to sleep and had a dream where a house fell on that very child and as she was crying in that dream, a Chosen Pastor appeared and ask why she was crying and she explained in that same dream that her child is under the collapse house and that chosen pastor ask her not to cry again that nothing wrong will happen to the child and immediately the Chosen Pastor lifted up the house and brought out the child untouched with evil and in the morning, my child was totally healed without going to hospital again till date. God of chosen is our God also. May the God of chosen never fail any of the chosen and keep his servant with unlimited grace and may this grace cover us also. Heaven at last in Jesus name.

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Daniel nelson Chiaha


In the month of May I used this media to request for prayer for healing from stool of blood when going to toilet. And God of chosen answered my prayer and healed me.I can go to toilet and i cant stool blood again. thank you God of chosen, you are so great

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