Sis. Helen Abraka

Niger State - Niger.

She was suffering from hypertension, diabeties which made her to urinate 10 times a day. But as she came to Chosen, pastor prayed and mentioned her case, she was free and can only urinate 3 times before day break. Also she can do things she could not do before. Chosen praise God.

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Sis. Caroline Ejimadu

Amucha in Imo-State

This is exactly one year it all started. I went to hospital and the doctor diagonised me of diabetes and he placed me on drugs. I used to Urinate 5 times before day breaks.l came to the crusade ground yesterday (Onitsha Crusade)with my daughter and l heard people giving testimonies. So l believed God, for my miracle too. That saturday after the Pastor's prayers, l did not urinate again throughout the night until this morning as we were coming to the crusade ground. I thank God for his divine healing upon my life.

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Sis. Grace Nzobia

Makurdi- Benue State.

My name is Grace Nzobia. Brethren please help me and thank God for giving me healing. I was invited with my daughter to this crusade. We came, and yesterday was our first time of attending The Lord's Chosen. I was diagonised to have Diabetes which have caused me to be urinating up to 20 times a day. But l thank God l came. After the testimonies, infact mavellous testimonies l heard, l believed God will also answer me. When the Pastor started praying, he mentioned my case and l started rejoicing, jumping up because l know that my case have been treated since l have heard what the God of Chosen is doing. That night l urinated only twice unlike before that l will urinate many times before the day breaks. May all glory and honor be ascribed unto our God Amen.

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Sis. Grace Okonkwo

Ogidi,Idemili North L.G.A of Anambra state

For the past 12 years l have been suffering from diabetes and this sickness has taken me to so many hospitals and herbal homes in search of healing but to no avail. It was this sickness that also brought me to The Lord's Chosen where I found solution. The sickness tormented me so much that I was forbidden from eating any starchy food. Every night l used to urinate more than five times before the day breaks. Someone invited me to The Lord's Chosen crusade here in Lagos titled, "That Yoke Must Break". And l came all the way from Anambra State. And the Lord used the Man of God (Pastor Lazarus Muoka )to mention my case and I got my healing. It was on the first day of the crusade that the Pastor declared, that there were 27 people in the congregation who were suffering from diabetes he declared them healed. He said that, some of us will not urinate at all while some of us will only urinate once before the day breaks. As the word of knowledge came, l claimed it. My brothers and sisters, that night I did not urinate at all. Chosen praise the Lord. I thank God for divine healing upon my life. To God be the glory.

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Sis. J.C Idigo


The word of God spoken through his messenger carries power and heals every infirmities of man. I came to The Lord's Chosen for the first time in 2006 though l was not frequent. I had diabetes that lasted for 11(Eleven)years which took me to so many places in search of solution but to no avail. I was not permitted to eat any food item that contains carbohydrate to avoid crisis situation. When l came to the crusade titled "That York Must Break" the york of diabetes was actually broken in my life. On the first day while the General Pastor issued a healing command on 27 people in the congregation. As he cast out the spirit of diabetes, l claimed the healing. He further said that some people will urinate just once in the night while the rest will not urinate at-all. That night according to the word of the Pastor,l did not urinate at all. Brethren, l thank God for this great miracle he has done in my life. Before now l used to urinate more than 4 time before the day breaks. To God be the glory.

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Bro. Theophilus Eleje

Imunike Agu Udi L.G.A, Enugu State, Nigeria.

l thank God for making me a Chosen. I joined the Ministry in December 2009. I am serving in Lafia. God has changed my life and has broken the yoke of taking Snuff in my life. For 24 years l was yoked into snuffing. Immediately l finish eating, l must take snuff every day. Any time l make an attempt of stopping it or maybe l do not have money to buy snuff, that day l will become so restless. Someone invited me to this crusade, in this crusade ground l have never thought of snuff. I have been eating for the past 4 days l came and yet my body is at rest. God touched me and the yoke of taking snuff has been broken. My second testimony is that God has healed me of diabetes l have suffered this sickness for the past six years. I went to hospital and l was diagnosed of suffering diabetes. Since then l have been on drugs but the sickness refused to be cured. I have tried going to many doctors, still no improvement. I urinate more than 7 times before the day breaks. But as the Pastor mentioned the case and said that people suffering from diabetes will all be healed by God of Chosen. He said some will urinate just once in the night while others will not urinate at all till day break. I slept soundly all through the night, l did not urinate until morning. I am grateful unto The Great God of Chosen for the divine visitation in my life. May all glory be ascribed unto him.

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Sis. Gladys Nwachukwu

Agege, Lagos. Nigeria.

I have been suffering from diabetes, for more than ten years. This sickness took me to many hospitals for tests and no treatment has been able to improve my health. I was stopped from eating any food that has carbohydrate for fear of going into critical stage. In as much as I do not eat those good foods, I still urinates frequently. Sometimes, I would not be able to control it. Before I could get to where I will urinate, the urine will come out. And as a result of this uncontrollable urinating, I did not visit people. I did not honor invitation for fear of disgracing myself in the midst of people. Anytime I came to service, I always sit at the back where it will be convenient for me to get to the toilet without messing up myself. I continued to pray to God to take away this sickness and heal me totally. On that first day of the crusade, I was happy when the Pastor mentioned that there were 27 in the congregation who had diabeties. As soon as he mentioned it, I jumped up from my sit and raised up my hands and claimed the healing. While he was still praying, there were showers of rain. I concluded that the showers is a sign that the power of God has touched me and that I have been healed. That night I slept like a baby, I did not even urinate at all. Prior to the healing, I used to urinate up to ten times before day break but today, I now urinate normally. I am grateful unto God for divine healing. To God be the glory!.

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Sis. Cecilia Nzoko

Nsukka, Enugu State Nigeria

God of Chosen has power to do all things and He made His power to manifest in my life as He cast out diabetes that l have suffered for long. As a result of this sickness of diabetes I have gone to many hospitals, subjected myself to different tests and treatments yet the sickness continued. The doctor banned me from eating any food item that contains carbohydrate; I do not take soft drinks. Every good food item that will make me to look beautiful, they forbid me from eating them. Every night, I used to urinate more than ten times. I do not even sleep because I must be pressed almost every one hour. I do not know what to do to cure myself of this sickness. One day, I was in my shop and a man entered and asked me my problems. He asked me whether I know where The Lord’s Chosen Church is. I told him that I hear of the ministry but I do not know where it is located. He told me of the crusade and asked me to attend. On the first day of the crusade, the General Overseer mentioned my case. He said “there are 27 diabetic patients in the congregation” he is declaring them healed of the sickness. He said that some of them will urinate once in the night while the others will not urinate at all. I claimed the healing. In the night, I urinated just once. I can now eat garri, fufu, yam and take soft drinks yet nothing will happen. l have been urinating normal since the day of that divine healing. I am grateful to God for the divine healing He granted unto me. To God be the glory.

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Evang. Nkana Akpa Nkana

Akwa Ibom State. Nigeria.

The word of God comes with enough power to cast out every terminal disease from any individual. This was made manifest in my life as God healed me of diabetes l have suffered for so long. I came to this crusade all the way from Akwa Ibom State. And God proved his power in my life. On the first day of the crusade, Pastor mentioned my case, in the course of his prayer ministration. He said there were 27 diabetic patients in the congregation; he declared the people healed adding that some of them will urinate once in the night while others will not urinate at all. As the word of knowledge came, I claimed my healing and in faith assigned myself that my healing has been perfected. I took enough water before going to bed but I did not urinate in the night. God has granted me divine healing through the word of his messenger. I am grateful unto God for healing me. Praise the Lord.

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Sis. Evelyn Uba

Avu Owerri, Imo State Nigeria

God’s intervention in my life shamed the devil and brought about the healing of diabetes l have suffered for more than seven years. in all these years, there is no know hospital within the area of my residence I did not go for treatment. The doctors will try their best and end up forbidding me from eating any food that contains carbohydrate. I used to urinate up to seven times in the night. The urine usually disturbs me from sleeping. For long I have been thinking of what to do to cure this diabetes. My husband’s brother’s wife came home and I saw her refreshed. She has been suffering from poisoned infection. Then I asked her how she received her healing and she told me that God of the Chosen healed her. I told her to take me to The Lord’s Chosen crusade to enable God of Chosen heal me also. They made me know of the Mgbidi crusade. When I came to the crusade, my faith was so strong I never thought of going back without receiving my healing. The Pastor mentioned my case as he was praying on the first day of the crusade and I claimed my healing. In the night I urinated just once till day break. However, I waited for another day to ensure the healing was complete. In the night of the second day, l prepared tea with sugar, and drank it with bread and went to bed. All through the night, l did not urinate at all till day break. God has healed me of seven years diabetes. I am grateful to God for divine healing. Praise the Lord.

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Bro. Lawrence Ominiyi

Ohaugwu L. G. A. Nigeria.

I want to thank this very God, the God of the Chosen who healed me from a terrible torment of diabetes. This sickness has tormented me for good 19 years before I came to Chosen. Before then, I used to urinate almost every 5 minutes. I was made not to eat any food that contains starch. When this sickness was first experienced in my life, I went to hospital and the doctor in the hospital after some tests forbade me from eating some kinds of food and recommended a number of drugs for me. I have been using those drugs and injections but the problem remained. In a renewed effort to get myself healed, I resorted going to churches, meeting some men of God to pray for me, at a point, I became frustrated and confused but someone, a Chosen Brother invited me to this crusade giving me every assurance that if I come, I will receive my healing. During the prayer session, the Pastor declared that "No problem that you brought here that will escape" and to the glory of God, I received my healing. That night, I did not urinate until this morning, I urinated once. I wish our Pastor heaven at last in Jesus name. To God be the glory.

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Bro. Humphry Ibe

Suleja- Abuja.

I want to thank this very God for delivering me from the yoke and torment of diabetes for the past four years. By the grace of God I am a born again child of God. It all happened like this, I was watching Chosen television. Around 2am, I had a voice. I was not a Chosen but that day, God of Chosen spoke to me. That voice told me," If you are alive till Saturday, go to the Lord's Chosen". In the morning, I called my wife and told her that the Lord spoke to me and asked me to go to The Lord's Chosen. She said you are free to go. But on Friday, a Chosen Pastor came to me with an invitation to come to their crusade holding on that Saturday. It is this same Saturday that the Lord said that if I am alive I should go to The Lord's Chosen. That crusade was tittled, " THE ARRIVAL OF THE MASTER". And by the grace of God, I was there. But before the closure of the crusade on Sunday, the General Overseer told us that he will like to meet with all the new comers on Monday at the state headquarters at Jabi. On that Monday, in the course of the ministration, the Pastor said whatever that brought you to The Lord's Chosen, after three months, if you are Chosen indeed that problem must leave you. I keyed in that word of knowledge and from that day, I decided to be a Chosen. Brethren, before that three months, God of Chosen broke the yoke of four years diabetes in my life. After that, I sowed a seed of N100, 000(One Hundred thousand Naira). and God of Chosen favoured me with the sum of N3 million from that day, I gave my life to God, I have been receiving favour and God has been blessing me too. I thank God for making me a Chosen. I wish every body heaven at last in Jesus name. Amen. To God be the glory.

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Sis. Stella Anim Mmuorah

Lagos - Nigeria.

I am thanking God for granting me sound health. God took away the sickness of diabetes that I suffered for five years and six months. In all these years, the sickness lasted, I had no rest. It all started with frequent urinating. In the hospital, it was diagnosed to be diabeties. The doctors was giving me insulin injection but the injection did not heal me of the sickness. I have been going from one hospital to the other but the treatment had been the same. My sister who is a member of The Lord's Chosen has been asking me to go to The Lord's Chosen branch nearest to me. According to her, there is a branch in Onitsha, Lagos, Abuja and all over Nigeria. She gave me the assurance that God of Chosen is capable of healing any sickness and He will heal me of the diabeties. There is no need of going to hospitals to spend money when God is able to do all things. In all these invitations, advice and assurances from her, I did not attend any of the service programmes. However, on the 29th December, 2009, she called me on phone and told me that The Lord's Chosen has a crusade at Mgbidi. She gave me the date and I instantly made up my mind to attend the crusade. On the first day of the crusade, the testimonies of the acts of God in the ministry strengthened my faith. When the Pastor mounted the pulpit on the first day of the , he mentioned my case in the course of his prayers. He said all the people suffering from diabetes will receive their healing. Some of them will urinate just once in the night while others will not urinate at all. In the night I urinated just once as he said. The following day, somebody testified of receiving healings of diabetes, she ate rice. As he said it, I went and drank a bottle of coca- cola but I urinated just once in the night. God has healed me of the diabetes and I am grateful to God. I pray that God will bless that my sister that has been inviting me to The Lord's Chosen. If not her, I would not have been healed of this sickness. I thank God for healing me of the sickness. To God be the glory.

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Sis. Mgbechi Nwoko

Umafa Iduma Umuahia, Abia State. Nigeria

For seven years, I suffered from a terrible affliction of diabetes in my life. I used to urinate frequently during the day and four to five times at night. When I attended the first day of Aba 2010 Crusade titled, "Time for God to Prove His power", the Pastor, during his prayer ministration, declared that those that have been urinating constantly at night as a result of diabetes would either urinate once that night or not at all. True to the Pastor’s declaration, I did not urinate at all. I slept soundly like a new born baby, which I had not experienced in a long time. And I have been urinating normally since then. Secondly, I want to appreciate the Lord for healing me of seven years high blood pressure (HBP). I thank the God of Chosen so much for these healings. I pray for long life and more anointing, power upon the Pastor, in Jesus name. Praise the Lord.

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Bro. Akachukwu Francis Ejim

Kafanchan, Kaduna. Nigeria.

I thank God for healing and delivering me from the bondage of diabetes through honoring the word of my Pastor through the word of knowledge and performing the counsel of His messenger. I have suffered for 6 years. Since the sickness started, I have not known joy and rest. I have been going from one hospital to another, undergoing series of medical tests, receiving their accompanying treatments but the sickness continued. It happened yesterday, the man of God said, "People are running away as a result of heat, that if they can stay under the sun, their problem will be over, why can’t they stay?" So, I stayed where I was until he made that declaration "He said as many people as are suffering from diabetes, they are going to urinate only once while others will not urinate at all". To the glory of God, last night, I only urinated once till day break. Normally, I used to urinate more than 8 times in a night. Again formerly, I was masturbating but that same night, everything was rolled away. For this God who has done all these for me, may His name be highly exalted in Jesus name. As for our Pastor, Heaven at last. To God is the glory.

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Sis. Caroline Okoh

Suleja, Niger State

God proved this in my life through the healing of various sicknesses that held me bound for 11 years. The sickness started with diabetes. At this time, I urinate up to six times before day break. In the day time it was uncountable. Apart from diabetes, there was a moving object. This evil object moved all over my body from one part to the other causing severe pains on my body. Anytime the movement started, I would not be myself again, I would be restless. When the object comes to the chest, it would cause chest pain. The chest pain would bring another uncomfortable situation that would not allow me to do anything. Also, I was suffering from pile. In all these sicknesses, I have been going from one hospital to the other. In each hospital, they would diagnose and administer treatment but the problems would continue. At a stage, I became frustrated as I did not know what to do again. In my frustrated situation someone invited me to The Lord’s Chosen crusade held in Abuja in August 2009. In that crusade, I witnessed the practical move of God’s power. My faith became stronger when I heard the testimonies of the previous acts of God in the ministry. When the General Overseer mounted the pulpit, he mentioned all my cases. As he was itemizing them one after the other, I kept on claiming my healing for each of them. At the end of the crusade, I went home, I discovered that I urinated just once that night and from that day, the constant urinating stopped. Similarly, the moving object that had always made me uncomfortable ceased, the chest pain stopped and the pile was equally uprooted. God really touched me and I am grateful unto Him for divine healing upon my life I will ever remain grateful to the person that invited me to this ministry. To God be the glory.

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Brother Bernard Okoro

Eket, Akwa - Ibom State.

I thank God for giving my life a meaning. I came to Chosen in October, 2006, through a brother that visited me with magazine. After reading this magazine, I was over whelmed with things I saw and I began to imagine, how could this happen. Quickly I loaded my phone with credit and called the editor of the magazine. Immediately he answered and asked me " where are you?" I answered and said please link me to any of these Pastors, and I explained myself he prayed for me. Simultaneously that Pastor gave me one of the Chosen Pastor's number in Eket. I called him, he responded quickly and visited me. After narrating my story because that time my life was in shambles. ( In fact God used him to restore me back), everything about me turned around for good. From that time till now, my life has been a testimony and I thank God for being in His congregation to testify because that is the opportunity I have been looking for. My wife and family members are all Chosen now. I contacted diabetes when I was in the world, I was taking drugs but when I came into Chosen, I did not know when the sickness disappeared. Something happened, I went to hospital, the doctor tested me and asked me, " why are you taking this drug, you don't have diabetes?" Brethren that was the last experience I had about the diabetes. Our God is wonderful indeed. I was having sharp pains in my ribs but God also healed me. To crown it all, God granted me a piece of land. My joining The Lord's Chosen God has given a meaning to my life again. Praise the Lord!

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Bro. Bernard Onwe.


I was afflicted with the so called incurable disease, diabetes; however, God of Chosen has cured me because with God all things are possible. It happened at Abuja Crusade when our G.O was praying and decreed that those suffering from diabetes would urinate only once or not all. I did not remember whether I urinated at all. I began to notice the symptoms in 2001 but did not know what it was but in 2011 it dawned on me that it was diabetes because I was emaciated and was looking like a moving corpse, people ran away from him. When I eventually received my healing last year, all the people that ran away from me came back. I got my promotion that last year. Praise the Lord!

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Bro. Wilfred Nwabueze

Anamabra State, Nigeria

Chosen praise the Lord,I joined Chosen in the year 2011 and the good God has delivered me of diabetes that lasted for about 16 years. Chosen the Lord is good. Praise the Lord.

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Bro Uta

Imo State, Nigeria

I bless God for making me a Chosen. I contacted this problem of diabetes in 1997 (i.e. 16yrs ago). I had been to many hospitals seeking for solution but to no avail. The problem continued until this year when our Pastor announced the Mgbidi crusade of 2013. I made up my mind to be there and that by faith I was going to be healed in that crusade. When the man of God mounted the pulpit, I knew my hour of healing had come. I concentrated and was listening to when he would mentioned my case. Then all of a sudden, the man of God mentioned my case. I claimed it. Beloved, do you know what happened? At the end of the service I slept like a baby, throughout the night I did not urinate at all. I said not even once. Praise the Lord!

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Bro. Sabastan Morah

Enugu, Nigeria

I 'm appreciating God for His wonders in my life. I was invited for the crusade Yesterday but before now l don't like to identify with the Chosen people because l was a traditional ruler and l was suffering of diabetes for three year as l later came the Pastor mentioned my case that was how l received my healing. Now l declare my self a Chosen. Chosen praise the Lord!.

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