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Bro. Anthony Ibemesin

Nkpor, Anambra State. Nigeria

It takes strong faith to please the Lord as without it, it is impossible to please Him. The above statement proved itself in my life and situation as God healed and delivered me from 15 years bondage of frequent urinating. In the course of this sickness, I was forbidden from eating many things including anything carbohydrate. I came to this Mgbidi crusade with full expectation and belief that I will receive healing. To God be the glory, yesterday as the man of God was praying, he said, “Those who have been urinating more than two times in the night will not urinate at all this night while some will urinate only once” and I claimed it. Brethren, throughout the night , I did not urinate until this morning that I urinated once and I was asking myself what has happened? Then I remembered the Pastor’s word of knowledge. Truly, I came, I saw and I conquered. I have seen the goodness of the Lord at Mgbidi 2010 and my prayer to all of us here with one problem or the other is that, this God who delivered me will deliver every one of us in Jesus Name. I wish our Pastor heaven at last.

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Mphahlele Makibane Caroline

P.O Box 1738 Lebowakgomo 0737

I am a viewer of CRTV and I even leave the TV on overnight. One night I was delivered in a dream by the General Overseer, Pastor Lazarus Mouka. I dreamt the G.O rebuking the demons out of my life, I was rolling on the ground screaming. At the end of my dream I heard a chicken running out of my house shouting as if it was chased by something and there are no chickens where we live. The next morning we found the ceilling lid opened and we realized that the chicken demon was hiding in the ceiling and was taken out during my deliverance in the dream. I thank GOD for this woderful miracle. THANKS

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Bro. Maxwell Ezetu

Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

l thank God for making me a Chosen. The enemy suffered me for 14 good years with sin of masturbation. l tried to deliver myself from the yoke of this terrible affliction without success. The first day l stepped into Chosen that yoke of masturbation broke. Additionally, l presented the problem of eight months back bone pain at the last crusade (in Nov. 2009) which had to do with spinal cord anomaly. l received my healing. l was also healed of swell in my lower abdomen which l had carried for 9 years. l Thank God for His healing power. Praise the Lord.

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