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Sis. Silverline Iwunze

12 Pedro Street Iwaya, Yaba, Lagos. Nigeria.

God of Chosen retored my marriage after five year. Healed my seasonal mental illness of eight year. Granted my husband a land of which we have started building at ikorodu lagos. God of chosen na baba!!!

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Bro./Sis. Ifeanyi Nnamani


Here with me is my wife and my lovely baby – Miracle Chiasokam .N. we live at Ago-palace Okota, my wife was delivered of a bouncing baby on July this year. After the delivery, l discovered that the baby’s breathing was not normal and so l called the doctor and made my observations known. Doctor checked the baby and told me that the baby’s breathing was ok. This happened on a fateful Friday, after that l left for home. In the early hours of the next day (Saturday) the lady staying with my wife called me and told me that the baby has gone into coma. She was no more breathing and they placed the baby on oxygen. Later the baby was rushed to another hospital. The baby was in that oxygen from that Saturday till Wednesday. l later met the G.O. The G.o prayed that God would deliver the baby in Jesus name. That short prayer marked the end of coma in the life of that baby. And today the baby is being dedicated. For what God did for me, l pray that all glory, honour and adoration be ascribed to God in Jesus name. Chosen praise the Lord!

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I joined this great movement in April 2012, l thank God for making me a Chosen. l thank God for granting me a genuine salvation. It all started in 2003, when l was going to Primary school so my friends in school l thought were thru friends but before l realised what was happening, my friends thought me how to steal money, so l started stealing my fathers money to school until i finished my Primary school in 2006 so when l got admission into Community Secondary School Idung Iniang Eket, Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria. So as time goes on it all started again l had two girlfriends their names were Blessing Sunday Umana and Mfon Akpan Johnny, and l gave them money everday. A day came, l wrote a love letter to blessing so my mother saw the letter and called me but l lied to her so she persuaded me to tell her the truth or she will report me to my dad but l had no option than to tell her that am the one that wrote the letter, so she asked me is that what l do in school to write love letter? So l said no she now kept quite but after some weeks my dad came to my school and found out that am not reading my books so he chose to withdrew me out of school and sent me to the village. After 3month l travelled to lagos to be a servant but l did not succeed in Lagos and l came back to my village after two months l had to travel to Benue State fortunately l did succeed and l was a Catholic member then so l finally came back and after 3weeks my uncle called me to come over to Umuahia and l went. That was how l got myself in hell fire, honestly l thank God today l found a church like Chosen in this world so am happy now but my family people are attacking me because l left Catholic to join Chosen l still thank God for my life because by now l should be in the grave. Chosen Praise the Lord.

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