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Sis. Gift Thomas.

Benue State, Nigeria

I joined this church in 2011. Before I joined the Chosen, I passed through lots of affliction. I had many miscarriages in fact up to 6 times. When I got to Mgbidi 2012 crusade, I poured my heart to God. I cried to this God of the Chosen. Brethren, He answered me according to His promise. After that crusade, I conceived and by His grace here is my baby. Do you know that before this deliverance doctors had already told me that I was not having a child in the womb that it was fibroid. But this God disgraced the doctors report. Here is my baby. I hereby give this baby back to the God of Chosen by dropping him here. I dedicate him to the God of Chosen in the order of Hannah and Samuel. Praise the Lord! Sis. Gift Thomas

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Kingsley Ugwuegbu

3 kewper st Kempton Park Jhb South Africa

Thank you for praying for my Sister; Jesus has healed her from stomach ulcer. Join me to thank the Lord for healing my sister. I'm so happy and grateful. Thank You Jesus.

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Chinenyenwa Uche

No. 45 Ijebu Road. S/G, Kano.

My name is Chinenyenwa, residing in Kano. I came across Chosen Church through cable, their messages and testimonies made my love for God, the G.O. and the Church to increase. I wedded 2009 and since then l been believing God for the fruit of the womb, I heard a life testimony from a woman that gave birth to 2 children without womb in 2012 Crusade tittled "WOMAN THOU HAS FOUND FAVOUR FROM THE LORD", I decided to attend Mgbidi 2013, before the date of the Crusade, I was busy watching Chosen TV both midnight, one of the midnights after watching it, I prayed and lay down, the man on suit visited me, put his hand in my stomach bit I didn't know what he did, his visit made me to know that the Mgbidi 2013 will yield fruit. As we were going to Mgbidi a vehicle hit ours from the back at Ugwu Oba and a trailer nearly crush us, but the God of Chosen saved us. I told the God of Chosen that I want to go to Mgbidi 2014 with my child or pregnancy, to God be the glory, February 20, 2014 I gave birth to a Chosen bouncing baby boy, Chosen praise the Lord, I wish my G.O. and Chosen worldwide heaven at last.

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