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Stella l. Onaghinor

kåsa 5a 3830, ulefoss Norway.

l want to thank God for making a Chosen, l joined Chosen through the internet 2012. Since l joined Chosen; God has been so faithful to me and my family, l want to thank this God of Chosen for granting me safe delivery. l want to appreciate God for all His mercies, care, favour and protection upon my family. l wish myself, family and all the Chosen worldwide heaven at last in Jesus name!!!

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Brother Julius Asogwu

Taraba State, Nigeria

I thank God for His healing upon my life. God healed me from poison that resulted from infection that I suffered for nine years. The sickness has taken me to several hospitals both orthodox and alternative medical centers. In all these places, the drug would be administered on me but the sickness would continue unabated. Then there was one sister called Chika who lived in Taraba, she had been witnessing all that I have been passing through all these years. She invited me to the Lord’s Chosen service, according to her, God will heal me of the sickness, then I went to Awka crusade in the year 2008. In that crusade, there was a practical demonstration of God’s power. When the time Pastor started declaring healing on the people, he said that some people would receive their miracle right there on the crusade ground while others would receive their own as they went home as the power of God would be with them and the miracle would follow them home, As I heard this declaration, I doubted it, and asked myself, "what about the people receiving their miracles on the crusade ground?" I said that I would rise up and receive my miracle on the crusade ground. At that time, my legs were almost paralyzed, I found it difficult to walk. However at the end of the crusade, I went home to my hometown in Enugu State. Then in the night, I had a dream where I was covered with fishing net, then I was removing the net. Immediately I finished removing the net, I woke up from the sleep. Then I called my mother and shared the dream experience with her. I told her it was like the enemy used the fishing net to bind me. From that day, I started having improvement on my health. If one is infected by poison, it will circulate to every part of the person’s body. Then I went back to Taraba State. One day, I was in a dream, someone brought legs to me and placed it on my own legs. As soon as that exercise was carried out, I woke up. I shared the dream experience with my wife and she said that God of Chosen has given me new legs. From that day, the pains stopped and I no longer think that I had poison infections. God of Chosen has healed me and I am very grateful to Him. To God be the glory.

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Sister Rejoice Chukwuemeka

Iba Newsite, Lagos, Nigeria

Man has no power on his own to do anything; the spirit of God helps man at all times in his actions especially the beneficial ones. God made me to understand the true nature of his power as he helped me to stop eight years bedwetting in my life. Naturally, when a child is born, he/she keeps on doing things as a child but as he grows the senses begin to develop and the child becomes conscious of what he does. He must carefully indicate when he is pressed to do so and does the same appropriately. When bedwetting continues after three years whether night or day, it has become abnormal. This abnormality of urinating on my bed continues in my life for good eight years. In the course of this during the years under review my parents tried all they could to stop me from urinating on my bed but they did not succeed. When I realized what was happening, I became ashamed of myself whenever I urinated on my bed. I kept on praying, asking God for divine intervention. The Pastor mentioned my case in one of the services in the course of his prayer ministration and I claimed it. From that day I received that prayer I stopped urinating on my bed. God has intervened in my case and I am very grateful unto him for remembering me. To God is the glory!

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