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Okorie Chukwuma Harry

#10 Cherubim St,Off Aker Rd,Iwofe/COE,Rumuolumeni,Port-harcourt

I want to give this great testimony to the Glory of God. One day, I was talking with a couple of my friends when I had devastating attack , as if someone struck my left hand with a sledge hammer, and instantly , I lost consciousness . When the pains died down and I came back to life, I discovered that half of my body (to the left side) was paralyzed , to the extent that I could not move my left-hand or that part of my body freely. After some days, as my condition degenerated to pathetic levels, even to the point that I could not go to toilet or bath without someone’s support/assistance, it became obvious that I had been afflicted with partial stroke. For months, at a stretch, I sought all manner of solutions but all in vain. Somehow along the line, I ran into a long-lost friend, who has since become a committed member of the Lord Chosen, when he saw me, he was really touched and moved to pity and he told me that he was going to give me an anointed handkerchief he had brought from the Lord Chosen’s HQs in Lagos for personal use. Though, because of the essential purpose this hankie served him, he initially made a decision never to give it out, no matter what, but as fate would have it, on seeing my hopeless state of health, he rescinded his decision and gave it to me and told me to pray with it and believe God for my healing. He gave me this hankie in the evening of the fateful day and I prayed with it before bedtime, when I woke up the following day, I could not believe what I discovered…I had been completely restored and life came back fully to the affected part. I was overjoyed and started calling out to relatives, friends and all who were concerned about my situation to tell them what had happened, and when they came, in disbelief, they were left speechless by the works of the God of Pastor Lazarus Muoka. To God I return all the glory!

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momoh mercy

6 ajose street maza-maza lagos

l am thanking God for safe delivery of a bouncing baby boy, and my Managing Director asked me to come and collect terminaion letter but after the pastor's prayer he withdrew the letter. I have resumed work. Chosen praise the lord.

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