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Bro. Ndongkain


I had been in a Pentecostal Church that does not preach righteousness and holiness and that was before 2008. They were far from it and every member was subjected to that preaching. Then it happened that one day I bought a cable line and started watching other churches preaching and it was then I discovered The Lord’s Chosen. In the cable, Pastor of The Lord’s Chosen preaches righteousness and holiness and gives the message with examples. I keyed into the words and I called all the members of my family and told them that we must follow the doctrine of Heaven, we should follow Chosen until when this Chosen will come to Cameroun. With their phone number displayed on the screen, I called Lagos and was told that The Lord’s Chosen has a branch in Cameroon. Latter , it was discovered that the Lord’s Chosen is in Indameda. We went there one day and worshipped. Again, before I knew the Lord’s Chosen, I was and ordained leader in my former church. As I discovered the Lord’s Chosen I started preaching absolute righteousness and holiness in sincerity of heart. I was preaching against the wearing of earrings, necklaces, trousers etc. as I have seen it in the Bible as quoted by our General Overseer. Many ordained leaders in my former church were offended but I did not mind them. This was so because I knew if I still remained in that church and happened to die, I will go to hell. In that my former church, women still wear trousers, leave their hair open, put on earrings, marry and divorce, marry more than one wife. They do not preach against it. Then I wrote a letter of resignation and gave it to the Pastor. In fact, it was like nobody had left that church. I thank God that when the Pastor announced it to the congregation, some members were selected to visit me and when they came, God gave me the boldness to withstand them. I quoted the pages of the scripture that were against their method of preaching. They held a vigil against me saying that I will fall but I told them that in The Lord’s Chosen, we do not have failure. So I thank God for making me a Chosen. Praise the Lord.

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Bro Cletus


I was afflicted on Sunday with hernia, typhoid, HBP but on Thursday as Pastor prayed mentioned these cases all the sickness vanished from my body and that was I got my healing.

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Bro; Uzoaru Cosmas

109 Rue Jean Mermoz; 78130 Les Mureaux Paris France.

My name is Bro. Cosmas Uzoaru; I joined Chosen the year 2004. And these are my testimonies. I left Nigeria for France in the year 2009. After few years; God of Chosen granted me a stay; now l can move freely in any part of Europe. I tried my best to see if there is any Chosen followship in France; but there is none. All the churches l went l found out that if it is not a Chosen; it can not be like Chosen. Then l made up my mind to buy a laptop so to continue with Chosen followship in internet. I don't miss Sunday services or any Chosen program or Crusades. I have been in connection with the Chosen Europe coodinator to see how Chosen church can begin in France. As am talking to you today the 11TH OF August 2013. The God of Chosen has granted my wife and my five children a pamenent miracle VISA to join me in France. I say may God who is doing all these; may his Name alone be glorified for ever in Jesus Name Amen. For my Pastor and every member of the Church heaven at last in Jesus Name Amen .Chosen is a first class.

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