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Sis Evans Anele

Lagos Nigeria

I want to thank the God Chosen for healing me of 2 years of kidney stone. May his name Alone be praise

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Sister Efe Solomon


My baby’s name is Miracle Solomon. I joined Chosen in 2010. I thank God for making l and my family Chosen. I thank God for breaking the yoke of fifteen years delay conception in my life. During the crusade of 2011, I was there and as G.O was praying, he release children and I claimed my own. He added that “if you have not see your menses, you will not see it again”. The following month, I missed my period and when I went for test, it was positive to pregnancy. When it was six months of the pregnancy the enemy said no and attacked me with HBP. So one day the took me to the hospital and when the consultant came, he said “Madam, you can not carry on with this pregnancy, we have to terminate it to save your life. Initially I said no. After two days they came again and said “Madam you can not carry on with this pregnancy because you will die because your B.P is too high. When my husband came, at last we agreed to their request and they terminated the pregnancy. They said I have to wait for some days before the baby would come out. I said ok. And so a day to that day, my Pastor called me and prayed thus “Madam, I cancel that B.P in Jesus name.” I said amen. He continued and said “Madam you will deliver and carry your baby” I said ah, this Pastor does not know what he is saying, I asked which baby? The one they have terminated, we are just expecting a dead baby. So after the prayer, few hours interval, labour started and they rushed me to the theatre, all of us were waiting for the dead baby even the doctors and nurses because the pregnancy was 6 months and some weeks but when they did their own test, they said the pregnancy was four months, so we were all expecting a dead baby, I was surprised when the baby came out she started crying. Brethren, that is the baby standing with me here now. Even the B.p God has rolled it away. Chosen praise the Lord. I pray for our G.O heaven at last and to all the Pastors and Chosen worldwide, heaven at last. Praise the Lord!

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Sis. Eucharia Nwankwo

Ebonyi State Nigeria.

"Be not afrid of their faces; for l am with thee to deliver thee saith the Lord". Jeremaih 1:8 The promise of God does not fail; when he makes promise, he fufills it in the life of his people. The above scriptural promise was made manifest in my life as God delivered me from the torment of spirit husband. The evil personality came into my life as far back as 16 years ago. At that time l did not understand what was going on. He kept on appearing in my dreams. Each time he comes, he will have an affair with me willy-nilly. At a stage when l knew it was not just an ordinary dream, that there is a spirit behind it, l became worried and afraid. l did not want to come into contact with him but he kept on pursuing me about in my dreams. l have made several attempts to free myself in series of fasting and praying programme, attended crusades, met with Pastors none could help me out. When l came to The Lord's Chosen, l continued in prayer asking for God's remembrance and intervention in my case, the Pastor mentioned the case and l claimed it. Since that day l have not seen the evil personality in my dreams again. ln another development, God cast out fibroid that has disturbed me for the past 18 months. The Pastor mentioned the case in the crusade and since then l no longer feel it the way l used to do in the time past. God visited me and l am grateful to him. To God be the glory!

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