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Bro. Chidiebere


I want to thank God for breaking the yoke of asthmatic cough in my life. This cough lasted for eleven years. In line with the above scriptural declaration, God healed me of eleven years asthmatic cough through the prayer of our Pastor. This sickness started from birth, since then, I have been going from one hospital to another for treatments. In one of the occasions, my brother took me to a hospital in Ijesha, they gave me treatment, the cough stopped but after one week, it started again. This has been the style of the cough for the past eleven years. Whenever it started, I will be in a crisis situation, I will not be able to concentrate in doing anything. Apart from orthodox and alternative medical treatments, my people have been taking me to churches for prayers but the cough has defiled all treatments. My elder sister took me to Cotonou where she took me to The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Service in Cotonou. Then in February my sister took me to a crusade in Lagos titled "From SORROW TO JOY". In that crusade, the Pastor mentioned the case and prayed. I claimed my healing and as the power of God touched me in the course of the prayer, I was healed. Since that February I have not experienced the cough. I have been healed. I am grateful unto God for divine healing.

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Sis. Chioma Okeke

Abia State.

I had suffered from pains in my eyes for over 10yrs. I could not look at the sun or any light directly. When I joined the Chosen in 2010 that was my 1st prayer request. I told God to perform His miracle in my life and remove this pain in my eyes. God of Chosen healed me yesterday in the course of Pastor’s declaration . God confirmed the word of our Pastor. Pastor has already said that many of us were going to see what God has done in the dream over the night. Beloved, last night, the angels of God appeared to me in my dream and they operated upon my eyes. Now I can see very well, no more pains and no more scratching.

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Bright Okoro

Portal de betoño6-2B 01002 Vitoria Spain.

Grace be unto you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, beloved i thank God so much for all He had done for me, for all He is doing for me now and for all He is going to do for me in the future,i thank God for good health,divine job,divine provision,financial blessing,joy unspeakable,divine mercy/favor,divine flat/estate,ressurection power and divine wisdom.I thank God too for my family and loved ones, l thank God for my church leaders and church brethren, l thank God that all is well with me, glory be to God in Jesus Name.

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