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Bro. Ejike Ogbonnaya


God proved His power in my life as He saved my goods from being carried away by Advance Fee Fraudster a.k.a. 419. By the grace of God my main occupation is transportation and road haulage but I also deal on electronics. One day, one of my boys called me to tell me that someone wants to buy goods from my shop. According to the boy who called me the customer said he is a minister and wanted to pay by cheque. He bought goods worth more than N300,000. and goods worth N200,000 were already loaded for him in a truck he gave them a cheque of N300,000. I told them to accept the cheque from him since he is a Minister. However he must get some documents to prove his identity and to show that the goods in question has been delivered to him. When they demanded the document from him, he was unable to produce even simple identity card. On further probing into his identity, it was discovered he is not a minister but a 419 fraudster. People gathered to beat him up but I told them to leave him that God of Chosen is at work. They retrieved the goods from him and allowed him to go. He would have defrauded me of goods worth more than N200,000. In another development, God saved my driver and conductor from untimely death through accident. It happened that one of my trucks was loaded with goods for delivery to one of our customers. The loading took time and it was late in the evening when they finished the loading. I told them when they finished the loading to park and move the next day. They left early in the morning the next day. After some hours, they called to tell me that the vehicle had some damages. I told them to repair it and continue that I will send the money for the repairs. I gave them the sum N2,000 to go and give them for the payment of the repairs. After sometime, l called them but their numbers were not going. I called the person I gave money, his number too was not going. It was later that I got the person I gave the money but he said, he did not see them. Later the man called to tell me that the vehicle had an accident. The driver and the conductor have gone to treat themselves. When I eventually spoke to them, they told me they were alright but had injuries. When I eventually saw the vehicle, I could not believe that someone came out of the vehicle alive. God of Chosen saved them from accidental death. I am very grateful to God of Chosen for saving their lives. To God be the glory!

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Sis. Gloria Okwudili

No. 121 Akoka Street, Akoko-Yaba, Lagos. Nigeria.

l joined The Lord's Chosen in Feburary, 2007 following a revelation l had in a dream directing me to go to chosen and assuring me l would get what l wanted. Much as l did not doubt the voice, l was a bit skeptical because most of the chosen people l know appear too dedictaed. l wondered how l could join a ministry like that which is very demanding. l had not been to Chosen then. After a few days, l had another revelation in a dream. l saw a multitude of legs marching forcefully towards a particular direction. A voice spoke to me clearly, "Join them, join them" l shared these revelation with some sisters who urged me to join chosen without delay. l complied. By that action, God broke 10 years of barreness in my life. l am blessed with twin boys. After joining chosen, a voice spoke to me in a dream asking me if l know the mystery behind conception. l said no. The voice then advised me to hold my peace, adding that it is only God that knows the mystery of conception and that only Him can do it. When l woke up, l shared the dream with my husband and l told him it is God speaking to us. About the same time (June 2008) a voice spoke to me again in a dream. It asked me "Do you know you are pregnant?" The voice asked me to examine my lower abdomen and assured me that the seed was planted there already. When l woke up, l narrated the whole experience to my husband, lt became obvious that God has started His work in us. ln the same month, a voice spoke to me in a dream : "You will know l am God". l then saw myself walking across the road where l saw two elderly men relaxing in a chair. They asked me if l knew l was pregnant. l said l didn't know. They said, "You are pregnant". one of them then brought out a maternity gown, kano material and gave me to sow after he had reassured me l was pregnant. Surprisingly, a little girl emerged from nowhere and began to discourage me from believing the men. She said, "Don't believe them; you are not pregnant". A voice came to me to rebuke the girl. l quickly rebuked her. l was angry with her and l wanted to fight her. She ran away. When l woke up, l prayed to God, reminding Him that He directed me to Chosen and that He assured me l would get my heart desire if l obeyed. l continued to believe God and He did it. Before the end of last year(2008), l took in and the result are these twin boys Dominion and Divine. Praise the Lord!

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Bro. Francis C. Nwachukwu

Mbaise, Imo State Nigeria

God proveD his power in my life as he healed me of paralysis that kept me bedridden for three good years. I suddenly became paralyzed to the extent I could no longer stand up or walk around. I was in the bed for the past three years, it was there I stay to eat, pass feaces, urinate and sleep. In all these years, the treatment administered on me could not heal me of the paralysis. One of my sons who is a member of The Lord’s Chosen Ministry told me about the Mgbidi crusade and told me to prepare that he was coming to take me to the crusade. He came and with the help of one of my brother’s wives they brought me to the crusade ground. When Pastor prayed, and mentioned the case, I claimed it and the power of God touched me, strength came upon me and I stood up from where I was lying. Since that time, I became free, healed and able to walk about on my own even without walking stick. In a similar development, God healed me of diabetes I have suffered for over 12 months. It was also in the Mgbidi crusade that the Pastor mentioned the case, prayed and I became healed. Before the crusade, I urinate up to five times in the night. In the day time it is uncountable. But as the power of God touched me and cured me of the sickness. I have urinated just twice since yesterday. God healed me of the sickness. I am grateful to God for his divine healing upon my life. Chosen praise the Lord.

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