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Obi Anayo Michael

Arendal Norway

I am a full member of the Lords Chosen in Nigeria before I left 2008 to Norway and continue my fellowship over here and God of Chosen has been so faithfull to me and my wife and children that I left in Nigeria, first,He granted safe delivery to my wife for my daughter who I have not seen physically but pictures, and had given me victory over a court case that I was forcefully accused of, also favour and promotion in my place of work, may this good God that has done all these to me and my family do it also in all the Chosen members and families and heaven at last to my [GO]and all the Chosen ones in Jesus name, Amen.

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Bro. Chukwuma Mbaoma


I thank God for making me a Chosen. I joined this great movement on January 2009 during the Mgbidi crusade. I went to the crusade in Lagos titled " TIME FOR GOD TO PROVE HIS POWER" and l lunched the book of Signs and Wonders with Fifty thousand Naira. (N50,000.00) and God of Chosen favoured me with Five million Naira (N5m) worth of contract. May the name of the Lord be highly praised forever.Amen.

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Sister Favour

Satellite Town. Lagos, Nigeria

I joined Chosen on February 2nd, 2013. I am grateful to God for granting me salvation. Previously, I was into wearing of trousers, painting, putting on of earring and necklace but God delivered me from all these vices. Moreover, I thank God for healing me from knee pain which started last year after I gave birth to my baby. Also on a fateful Tuesday, God healed me from stomach ache. The healing also extended to the little girl living with me, through the use of anointed handkerchief, the little girl was healed from ear pus. Chosen praise the Lord. Finally I pray for the G.O and all the Chosen members, heaven at last. Praise the Lord.

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