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Kingsley Edeh

29 Nworah street Awada Obosi, Onitsha Anambra State.

I joined The Lords Chosen in August 2007 in a program in Onitsha. The program was titled PASSING THROUGH THE VALLEY OF BACCA. On 2010 I travelled to Malaysia, before I travelled, I loaded Chosen prayer card on my phone. Every morning I keep on receiving prayers and prophetic words on my phone. One of the messages say's (As God made Joseph overseer in Egypt so he will make you a champion where ever you go). All the messages keep on coming as if the person that was sending the massage knew I was about to travel. All the prophetic words happened in my life in Malaysia. I want to give thanks to God Almighty who made me a Chosen. Praise master Jesus.

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Sisiter Ngozi Nwankwo


My testimony goes thus: My menstruation as a woman ceased to flow completely three years ago. There was no sickness that warranted it. However, l went to Hospital for treatment but the cessations did not stop. I thought then that l may be pregnant but my assumption later proved to be wrong. In all these years, every effort l make brings me back to square one as there was no improvement. When l came for this crusade, I presented the matter to God and the Pastor mentioned it in the course of his prayer ministration. As the word of knowledge came, I clamined it. At the end of the service, I slept off. Then I started experiencing strange signs in my body and by the time the day broke, I discovered that my menstruation has started flowing once more. God touched me and removed the shame of loosing my quality as a woman. I thank Him for given me a testimony and great joy in my heart. To God be the glory!

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Sister Desiyah Ofori

Southeast, DC

I asked for forgiveness for my insatiable sex addiction. With his glory I was rid of that disease. I'm so thankful for God making me a Chosen.

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