There is nothing God cannot do

I had my previous baby before this present one through cesarean operation. During my period of anti-natal care, the doctors told me that my delivery would be through operation. I told them that I am now a Chosen and that my own case is different.

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This kind God is too much

When I grew up going for other things, I was told that the evil projection to my stomach was done by an enemy, the devils agent to kill me. Fear was inflicted into me and I started crying unto God to save me. At a time, the growth did not grow until about 15 years ago that it started growing. From then it never grow rapidly until 3 years ago that it started growing rapidly.

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Read how he was healed by God of Chosen

After the program, l felt sick and was very weak. On a tuesday my Pastor called me to come to the church and do some work. In the process PHCN restored light, l was asked to change over the light after that l discovered my legs were swollen and was pure reddish. If you see me, it was as if l had suffered it more than 2 weeks

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Spirit of deafness was cast away

l have heard so much about what God is doing with the members of the chosen. So l told other of my brothers, they agreed. A day before the crusade, we came to Onitsha

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